10 All time best travel movies one should watch in 2019


Time is the most precious thing in this world. No one can deny the fact that time is the supreme power of the ages. This is the reason why some of the phenomenal filmmakers took it too seriously. They preferred to make execute some of the fascinating films based on the factor of time travel.  Today we are going to explore the world of time travelling in the most interesting way so let’s talk about 10 All-time best travel movies. These are as follows-

1 Midnight In Paris

We are forming our start with this well-written story of a writer. The movie named Midnight In Paris is all about the fantasy of a writer which takes him right in the 20th century. This movie was one of the best time travel movie ever in the history of the cinema

2. 12 Monkeys

The second name in the list is 12 Monkeys. It is one of the memorable performance of Brad Pitt. Basically, it is a science fiction films which take the main lead in the past in order of controlling a squad of 12 monkeys.

3. Action Replay

Action Replay is an unusual love story of Kishan and Mala which gets fixed again through the dedicated efforts of their loving son. Everything changes in the film as soon as Aditya makes his presence in the past.

4 Primer

The fourth entry in the countdown of 10 all-time best travel movies is Primer. We must say that this movie creates an unrecoverable confusion to the viewer. It becomes too tough to find out the things and this is the strongest part of this movie.

5 Edge of Tomorrow

Here comes our fifth member on the list of best time travel movies of all time.  this movie establishes an instant connect with the audience. This movie brings an artistic a[[roach of filmmaking alive for all of us.

6 Baar Baar Dekho

Baar Baar Dekho goes hand in hand with its title. It was a brilliantly composed film based on the time leap. It’s all about love, separation, passion, pain, togetherness and affection. This movie beautifully conveys that how the time leaves it marks in everyone’s life.

7. Frequency

This list is incomplete without mentioning the name of frequency in it. Frequency takes into consideration sanity for the viewers by making a fictional bond.

8 Love Story 2050

The eight name in our list of 10 all-time best time travel movie is Love Story 2050. This movie shows off the distinctive scenario of upcoming love stories. Priyanka Chopra is the main highlight of this film.

9 Haunted 3D

Haunted 3d is one of the remarkable horror time travel movies of the Bollywood. This film earned a unique kind of appreciation from the side of the audience right after its release. It is worth giving place to the list of best time travel movies.

10 Om Shanti Om

The last but a terrific entry on our list is Om Shanti Om. This movie signifies the picture of renaissance through long time travel. It is a soulful love story of Om and Shanti.