10 Anti Smoking Campaigns Gone Viral on Internet

Anti Smoking Campaigns

Anti Smoking Campaigns Gone Viral

Smoking has obvious ill effects that most smokers are aware about. Despite the dangerous outcomes smocking can cause to health, not many people quit it. Some try often but fail. It takes great will power and persistent efforts for prolong period in order to quit smoking completely.
The world has witnessed some of the anti-smoking campaigns which have delivered the message in a crisp and concise form. These campaigns draw the attention of the smokers and try to create an impact to reduce the number of smokers. Some of the anti-smoking campaigns across the world are as follows:

1. Quitnow (Department of Health – Australia)


The campaign was started by the National Preventive Health Agency of Australia in 2011. The message was sent through a video which showcased some of the deadliest chemicals that harm a person during and after smoking. The video showed sent the message in a grave manner in order to create an impact on the viewers.

2. Don’t be a Butthead ( Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)- USA)

The campaign started by CDC in the USA in 1998 focused on humorously creating an impact against smoking. The campaign came out with quirky posters drawing the attention of the people. It warned them about the ill effects of smoking through its unique tactics.

3. Ashes to Ashes ( Swedish Brand Non Smoking Generation)

Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes was an advertising campaign created by the famous ad company King for the Swedish brand Non Smoking Generation in the year 2009. The ad portrayed the grave consequences of the ashes from the cigarettes to the ashes of the human body. One of the good initiative for anti smocking campaign.

4. Smokefree (Public Health England)

Smokefree was a campaign by the Public Health England too clear the misconception of rolled cigarettes being not as bad. The campaign depicted the rolled cigarette in the most rotted form to spread the message.

5. The Real Cost (FDA)

The Real Cost (FDA)
It was created by the FDA’s centre for tobacco products. The Real Cost Campaign portrayed the ill effects of smoking of the teeth.

6. Smoking is Murder ( CONAC ( Chilean Corporation Against Cancer) )

Smoking is Murder ( CONAC ( Chilean Corporation Against Cancer) )
CONAC started the “Smoking is Murder Campaign” in 2008. It showcased the severe consequences to children due to passive smoking.

7. Smoker’s Tips (CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention))

Smoker’s Tips (CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention))
Another anti-smoking campaign by CDC, it showcased a video by the former smokers. The video was aimed to promote people to quit smoking by watching the ones who have already done it successfully.

8. British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation
The main goal of campaigns by the British Heart Foundation is to prevent people from dying early due to heart diseases. Here the heart diseases were showcased to be caused by smoking in an extremely disturbing picture.

9. World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day
31st of May every year is marked as the World No Tobacco Day. It tries to bring about awareness among people from all walks of life against the ill effects of cigarettes.

10. The Lung Association

The Lung Association
The campaign by The Lung Association is to support people suffering from lung diseases. They shun cigarettes in their posters to create an impact.