10 Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India


It is impossible to hate dark chocolate. Today, we live in a society where people have so many different choices, but the chocolates are loved by all. Now, the Indian chocolate industry is budding rapidly. The inclination of chocolates is becoming trendier as everyone prefers chocolates instead of sweets.

Chocolates are not only mouth-watering and fun to eat; they are hale and hearty as well. Everybody simply loves chocolates, and among chocolates, the dark ones are most popular. Here is the comprehensive list of top 10 Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India with Price 2018.

Toblerone Dark Chocolate

The brand is based in Switzerland. The chocolate has an exceptional look that is in a triangle shape. The manufacture of this chocolate was started in the year 1932, and the worth has never been compromised. It is available varieties in it like crunchy salted, honey and almond.

KitKat Dark Chocolate

This chocolate by Nestle expenses a little less compared to other dark chocolates. The other alternative in which it comes is milky flavoured. The chocolate is very soft and is a great way re-energize.

 Godiva Dark Chocolate

It is a little tough to find a store in India, but still, it makes to the top 10 list of chocolate brands in India. On the chocolate wrapper, it claims that it has about 72% of cocoa in the chocolate and thus, it makes a real affluent taste. The chocolate is one of the priciest chocolates in the world.

Amul Dark Chocolate

Indian well-known brand has its delicious taste of creamy milk and cocoa. The cocoa percentage is around 55%. You will enjoy every single bite of this chocolate when it melts in the mouth. The ingredients are totally pure.

Mason & Co. Intense Dark Chocolate

The chocolate has about 85% of cocoa. The chocolate is particularly for the persons who have allergic difficulty. It does not include gluten and soya at all. The palm sugar in the chocolate makes it a healthy choice.

ASAP Almond Chocolate

The flavor of chocolate is of topmost quality without compromising on anything. No kind of preservative is there in it to keep it healthy. The chocolate is rich in Vitamin E, protein and even fibre. An ideal blend of dark chocolate with loads of almonds makes it luscious chocolate.

Cadbury Bournville Chocolate

It is one of the most popular chocolates in India. There are some varieties available under the brand Cadbury. Other variants such as bubbly, Silk, fruit and Nut are a gem across India.

ChocoVille Compound Dark Chocolate


The materials used in the making of this chocolate are very scrumptious. Some of them are very seldom available. Some of the ingredients find their usage by professional makers of cakes, cookies, fudge and some other dishes. Because of its amazing taste, it serves well with sweet dishes.

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Chocolate

The chocolate is well-known for its best consistency. You will have a wonderful experience when this squashy chocolate melts in your mouth. The beans of cocoa confer it a rich taste. 99% of cocoa adds a rich taste. The rich taste of Coffee makes it a favorite among all.

Hershey Special Dark Chocolate

Most high-priced chocolate of brand Hershey comes at the top. A perfect blend of dark cocoa and sweetness makes it different. The chocolate is really smooth, and variants which are popular are the Nuggets, Kisses, and Miniatures etc.