10 Best Popular Cartoon Characters in India 2018

Most Popular Cartoon Characters: We all love Cartoons and Animations! Ain’t we? Come on Let’s go to the cartoon world again with the below list of all your favourite Cartoon Characters popular ind India.

Doraemon is a famous manga series in Japan. Trust, it is one of the best popular cartoon series of all time. This is all time favourite of children. Fujiko fuji is the writer and director of this manga series. This show was originally aired in the year 1969 for the first time. This series is based and revolves around a boy named Nobita and his friend, a robot cat cartoon character from the 22nd century who helps him in every situation.


Naruto, originally illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto is worth the appreciation for being one of the most successful series all over the world.  It is basically a manga series that have its root in Japan. It is a story of a ninja ‘Naruto ‘ and consists of 2 parts. First parts depict his childhood whereas the second part reveals the story of his adulthood experiences.

 Crayon Shin-Chan

Shin-Chan is a Japanese manga series. This series is written by Yoshi to Usui and illustrated by the same.  This series is fun loving, enjoyable and hilarious. This manga series was its original run in the year 1990 and afterwards, got published in weekly manga action. This series surrounds itself around the life of a very naughty, active and smart small boy of 5 years, Shinchan.  He lives with his parents, a small sister and a dog. This series is so famous that now also it comes on various channels.


Pokemon is basically a media franchise, managed by the Pokemon Company. It is the best thrilling show. The Pokemon company is the comprised of 3 companies but among the 3 company, Nintendo is the owner. Pokemon show surrounds itself around fictional characters, known as Pokemon. There are many Pokemon in this show. In this show, trainers catch Pokémon’s and train them.

Ben 10

Ben 10 is an American animated series, created by a man of action Studios. For sure It was a great show and is still entertaining a lot of Teenage fans. This show has a great demand and has won 3 Ammy awards too.  Ben 10 show tells the story of a small Teenage boy named Ben who gets a watch, Omnitrix accidentally and sticks to his hand. Watch changes his life completely and gave him the everyday adventure.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime and a television series. This series is about the adventure of Goku. Goku and his Z warrior move on a mission to protect and defend the earth from all the evils.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry, again an American animated series is the oldest and one of the favourite popular cartoon characters show of all times. Its episodes are a kind of short film.  It was created by Joseph Barbera and William Hannah in 1940. This series is very comedy, funny and lovable. It has 2 main characters and many other characters. The main characters are Tom a cat and Jerry a mouse. Tom always chases Jerry and Jerry always gets his way through that.

Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a manga series, created by Fujiko Fujii and was later changed to a television show in 1981. This is a very famous television drama. This show is all around a ninja boy named Hattori. He lives with a boy names kanechi and helps his family.

Most Popular Cartoon Characters in India

Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu is quite a new show on Nick. But Motu and Patlu are immensely popular cartoon characters series in comics earlier. It is a really nice show. Motu Patlu is basically an Indian sitcom, released in 2016. This shoe is directed by Suhas d Yadav and is based on the friendship of Motu and Patlu who faces many problems and solve them together.

Chhota bheem

Chhota Bheem, again an Indian animated series. It is a nice show. Chhota Bheem is the name of the character in this series who is very powerful, brave and talented and always help his friends and individuals.

Folk’s we have grabbed here some of the most popular cartoon characters in India in this, sorry if we missed any of your favourite, plesae share and comment with your favourite shows.