10 Best Rum Brands in India 2019


Rum is one of the favorite picks of many people, when it comes to pick from alcoholic beverages. It was made by extracting sugar-cane juice. Rum is available in many variants such as White Rum and Dark Rum. There’s another fact about that it is also used as a main ingredient in making cocktails. In India, one can come across many people who love to drink Rum. Talepost brings you the list of Top 10 Best Rum Brands in India 2019.

1. Malibu

The number one Rum on our list is Malibu Rum. It is the most loved variety of Rum among people in India and all over the world. It contains 21% of alcohol and its bottle if 750 ml is 1650 INR.

2. Bacardi

Bacardi is one of the most superior and premium brands of Rum in India. It is one of the top 10 Best Rum brands in India. It comes in various flavours such as lemon, orange, apple, raspberry and dragon berry. The 90 ml of the bottle comes at the cost of 134 INR.

3.  Mcdowell’s

This brand is one such brand which is not only famous in India but also internationally. It was won many awards for its quality and taste. The taste of Mcdowell’s Rum has a touch of vanilla and caramel flavour.

4. Old Monk

Known for its taste and brand name, it is one of the most commonly loved and drunk Rum in India and the world. Every second person in the country loves this brand of Rum. It is surely one of the Best Rum Brands in India.

5. Havana Club

This Rum brand in India has its plant in the state of Punjab and the alcohol percentage is 40%. Havana is one of the most known and the oldest brand in the country. It was started in the year in 1934. The cost of 180 ml bottle is 200 INR.

6. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is very popular in the world for its unique aroma and taste. People who love to drink Rum, mostly prefer this brand only. It is one of the top 10 best brands of Rum in the country.

7. Contessa

The nest Rum brand on our list is Contessa having 42.8% of alcohol in it. One of the best quality of this brand is, given the excellent taste, it comes at a very affordable price of 64 INR for 180 ml.

8. Old Port

This brand sells its excellent quality of Rum with a hint of vanilla and butterscotch flavors. Another interesting fact about this brand is that, it ages is Rum for a longer period of time as compared to the other brands. It cost is 65 INR for 180 ml.

9. Jolly Roger

Containing the flavors of spices and a molasses-based  product, it is another best brand of Rum in India. Its product, Dark Rum is much more popular as compared to its other variants in the India marker. The cost of 750 ml is 270 INR.

10. Hercules

The last of our list of best Rum brands in India 2019 is Hercules. The alcohol content in this drink is 42.8% and it costs 116 INR for 180 ml.