10 Best Vodka Brands in India 2018


A wild night party is incomplete without the presence of Vodka in it. It gets a party going, and makes the atmosphere very lively. This hard drink extracted from potatoes and grains is very popular in India. Here are the best vodka brands in India, as of 2018.

10 best vodka brands are:

  1. Magic MomentsVodka

Magic Moments is manufactured by the RadioKhaitan Group of breweries in India. Their sale is high not only in the urban cities of India, but they are renowned in the rural regions of India too. This is one of the best vodka brands that are easily accessible in the most liquor shops and has a variety of flavours.

  1. White MischiefVodka

The sale of White Mischief is very high in India and is considered as one of the best vodka brands. the popular United Breweries group makes white mischief and has an achievement of 2-star rating from the International Taste and Quality Institute.

  1. Vladivarvodka

Many youngsters consider it to be the best vodka in India. This vodka is made from 100% grain and is again a product of United Breweries Group. It comes in flavors like green apple, orange, and lemon.

  1. Eristoffvodka

Manufactured by Bacardi-Martini, Eristoff is generally preferred by the elderly citizens of India. This drink maintains a stature and is often preferred during business meetings and corporate parties and events. It is expensive but very high in quality. This drink is available in three flavors, that is Green, Apple, and Original. Considered as one of the best vodka brands it is loved by all.

  1. Wodka Gorbatschowvodka

This is a very famous brand from Berlin, Germany. Germany is famous for its beers, but this Vodka brand is no less. This company had collaborated with Henkell and company India Pvt. Ltd. In 2006. It has flavors like Green Apple, Vanilla, and Original. It also supplies best vodka in India.

  1. Belvederevodka

This drink has a large fan following and is considered to have one of the most royal packagings. It is a packaging of Poland and is highly preferred in India, though it is available only in some selective cities of India. It has a range of flavors which are yummy and make a party lively. It’s a party feast and one of the best vodka brands in India.

  1. Smirnoffvodka

Smirnoff is a British Vodka company and has a great class and combination of taste. also holds a gold medal in the year of 2012.

  1. Absolutevodka

This is a commonly known Vodka brand and comes in miniature sizes too which look cute. It has seven different flavors and has some beautiful bottle designs. The packaging is very appealing.

  1. Grey Goosevodka

This is considered to be one of the finest vodkas of India. This bottle is often collected and reused for decorations and light festivals. the product of Bacardi and comes in some exotic flavors.

  1. Romanovvodka

This brand is not easily available in India, but it is still considered to be one of the best Vodka Brands. It comes in different flavors like Orange, apple, and lemon. United Breweries Group makes Even Romanov.