10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Died in Poverty

Celebrities Who Died in Poverty

Indian Celebrities who died in poverty

Bollywood is a world of limelight which is liked and loved by almost everyone. We are addicted to such limelight and usually, the youth follows their lifestyle by keeping all the basic information about such celebrities but numerous people are still unaware of the fact that several Bollywood Celebrities are there who died in poverty. Who are these Bollywood Celebrities? Do you know about them? Obviously, they are mostly followed by the youngsters on numerous of social media sites and thus it may also be important for them to know about such Bollywood Celebrities who died in poverty.

Just have a look at the 10 Bollywood Celebrities who died in poverty

  1. Meena Kumari- She is one of the legend actresses of the Bollywood who was also known as ‘The Tragedy Queen’. She had a miserable death as she had not enough money to pay her hospital bills and she just passed away as no one was there with her at that time.

    Meena Kumari
  2. Bharat Bhushan- He was a well-known veteran actor of the Bollywood and he was known for his script writing as well. He had to face a tragedies downfall in his career with an evolution in the film production and he started facing numerous financial crisis. He was prized with the libraries of some of the rarest books but still, he could not save himself from poverty.

    Bharat Bhushan
  3. Jagdish Mali- He was a well-known Indian photographer who had done an expertise in the fashion and technology during his times around in the 70s and 80s. But his life just turned a drastic move and he was found semi-nude on the Mumbai roads and he could not survive for a long time and just passed away.

    Jagdish Malii
  4. Achala Sachdeva- He started his Bollywood career as a child and she acted in about 130 movies but suddenly she fell ill and her son left her in the hospital without any money and she became unable to pay her bills. She died at the end there in the hospital.

    Achala Sachdeva
  5. Vimi- She died at her early age when she was about just 30. She was separated from her husband due to some personal reasons and she started facing issues in her financial life and suddenly fell ill where she had nobody to take care of her and she just passed away.

  6. Parveen Babi- She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Bollywood who became mentally unstable due to some reasons and spent numerous years in a mental hospital in the USA and later on she was found died on 22 January 2005.

    Parveen Babi
  7. Ruby Myers- She was the actress who started her own production house in about 1930 and won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1973 but later on she was found dead in her own flat.
    Ruby Myers

    Film Celebrities who died in poverty

  8. Chandra Mohan- He was born in 1905 in Madhya Pradesh but his addition to the gambling and drinking made her penniless and later on he died in 1949.

    Chandra Mohan
  9. Cuckoo Moray- She was an Anglo-Indian dancer who was left penniless at the age of 52 and later on she died due to cancer.

    Cuckoo Moray
  10. Nalini Jayawant- She was born in 1926 but she had a miserable death and it has been believed that she was died due to poverty.
    Nalini Jayawant

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