10 Lives were Saved From the Raging Fire by The Swiggy Delivery Boy


Sidhu Humanabade, a 20-year-old Swiggy delivery boy living in Mumbai was going to deliver his food just like any other regular day of his life. Just then, he notices smoke and shouting voices of people from the Kamgar Hospital in Marol, Andheri (East). Without giving himself a second though, he rushed to the place of fire. He climbed up the ladder to reach the floor of the buidling where every one was trapped. With his courage and strength, 10 lives were saved from the raging fire at the hospital.

10 Lives were saved by Sidhu Humanabade

In an interview conducted by Times Of India of the 20 year old. Sidhu reported that has is a tenth pass out and has come to Mumbai for work. By using a ladder set up by the Fire Brigade, he climbed up and wasted no time in recusing people.

Narrating the whole story to TOI, he said:

“Unfortunately, two patients fell down even as I helped them on to the ladder. I kept a ladder on the third-floor window ledge for an elderly woman to climb down, but the ledge collapsed as soon as she got on to the ladder. I could do nothing as she plunged down.”

Later after 3 hours of this incident the boy complained of chest pain and uneasiness. He was then, immediately rushed to the hospital.

The young man is show cased immense courage and a big heart to save 10 lives at the cost of risking his own.