10 types of kisses are

A kiss can give a lot of affection depending on whom it has been given and what type of kiss it is. kiss is one of the most memorable and magical experiences in the person’s life. A kiss is something which created a connection with the other person whether they are your friends, family or your love. Kiss given to lover is more different from the kiss given to a friend.

There are some types of kisses and their feelings you should not have heard about:

  1. The Eskimo kiss:

When the nose of both the people rub each other or goes back and forth, this type of kiss is a kiss from a mother to its child and is also a romantic way for the people living in cold places.

  1. The French kiss:

This type of kiss involves a lot of tongue and masteries. It is not that easy to master as it involves the desire and passion for a part to go with the emotions.

  1. Single lip kiss:

The kiss in which a partner sucks their lips with another to create a romantic moment between them.

  1. Butterfly kiss:

When the eyelashes of both the person connect while kissing as they get so much closer to each other. This type of kiss is a gesture for the one who is deeply in love with each other.

  1. Lingering kiss:

This kiss demands a lip to lip connection for a very long period as this kiss is full of erotic emotions and a passion of love that is reserved for our love.

  1. “Leave a mark” kiss:

This kiss is also known as the lip gloss kiss where the girl leaves a mark of lipstick on the face or the body of the partner she kisses. This type of kiss is just a playful gesture.

  1. Lizard kiss:

When the tongue goes in and out rapidly in the mouth with quick strokes and sucking continues. This type of kiss is a passionate kiss for the lovers who are hot and a lot into each other.

  1. Kiss of an angel:

This type of kiss is a gentle gesture between the people deeply in love with each other. The kiss is given on the someone eyelids and create a passionate feeling of love.

  1. Seductive kiss:

In this kiss, you bit open mouth which is almost the same as a delicate French kiss with less tongue. If you want to win someone’s heart or want to seduce them.

  1. The vampire kiss:

This kiss is a deep sexy kiss on the neck of your partner, which includes sucking and a bit of biting for the lovers in a desirable feeling.