5 Signs to Prove Your Partner is Draining You Emotionally Day in Day out


Are you overthinking over your relationship with your partner a big time? Is your partner all over your mind even when you are at work, while attending the meeting, or in the midst of some very crucial work? Do you feel depressed and anxious whenever the thought of your partner pops up in your mind? When you end up thinking a lot about your partner may that be in a good way or in a bad way, all over the time, this can prove to be toxic to your relationship. When things start haunting you even in your sleep, then there is something seriously wrong with your relationship. If you are still wondering for reasons if your partner is emotionally draining you or not, below pointers can help you analyze it better.

You are always at faultFAULT

When at every instance and occasion, tries to prove you wrong for not doing things properly. This might shatter your confidence, and each time you’ll overthink if it was your fault. You keep stressing and try to mend your mistakes even when you have not done any. If your partner blames you for the things which are going wrong in your life, if your partner is always pointing at your mistakes instead of understanding your point, that’s when you should realize that your partner is emotionally draining you. This can prove to be a rough ride for you making you feel depressed and sunken. It’s important to make him understand your

Always in a bad temperBad temper

Ever felt like pulling out your hairs? Alternatively, slapping someone unnecessarily to ease out your anger? Screamed at someone or vented out your anger on someone who was not at any fault? You might be faking a smile outside, but inside you have volcano erupting which might make you feel too agitated. This can be some of the reasons you might start noticing when things are not going well with your partner. It can be due to abundant expectations of your spouse from you or too many demands which you are finding difficult to fulfill. When you are not able to enjoy your life on your terms and our debt under the constant pressure of heaps of responsibilities. This is the point when you can conclude that your partner is emotionally draining you.

You always feel controlled and are dominated 

Feeling Dominated

You feel like living on your terms and want to pursue your dreams. However, wait! Do you always have to seek permission from your partner before going to hang around with your friends or spend money or go out of the house? Tell where you are going or with whom you are hanging out with? Do you feel as if your partner controls every action or movement of yours? When you have any discussion, and he always dominates you over the conversation. If you feel dominated by your partner who always decides what is best for you, then that’s the point when your partner is emotionally draining you.

Every Conversation Ends up in an Ugly Fight

 Ugly Fight

There can be possibilities that sometimes a normal conversation might end up in an argument or even turn out into an ugly fight. However, when this sometimes becomes frequent, this might tend to drain your energy. Also, there can be a situation where you try your best to pacify the fight even when it won’t be your mistake. When there are frequent fights initiated by your partner for no reason, then you can say that your partner is emotionally draining you.

You prefer staying alone 

staying alone 

It is sometimes all right to spend time alone away from the world to enjoy owns the company. However, when you feel a sense of relief and excitement with the thought that you will be spending a few hours away from your partner, this is something to be concerned about. This can be a reason which shows you prefer staying away as your partner is emotionally draining you.

relationships are about commitments, communication and most of all walking hand in hand by giving equal respect to each other. If one person is at fault, the other person should understand, and this should go vice versa. However, if there won’t be compatibility and support, then the relationship might weaken and might lead emotional drain on the person. Knowing these signs might help you and can make you work on your relationship in a better way.