5 social evils in India to fight against on Dussehra 2019


Dussehra is also known by the name of Vijaydashami. Ths festival is celebrated all over India to mark to victory of good over evil. However, the question we have to ask our readers is, are we actually free from all the evils prevailing. Today’s blog by Talepost is all about the 5 social evils in India to fight against on Dussehra 2019. On this auspicious day, effigy of Ravan and his two brothers are burnt to celebrate the victory. The history of this festival dates back to the day when Lord Ram defeated Ravana in his Lanka.

5 social evils in India to fight against on Dussehra 2019

1. No education for girls

In some parts of the country, we can witness women taking strides in each and every field of work and education. On the other hand there are still some remote places and households in India which do not stand in support of education for girls. Some of the states having the lowest literacy rates in females are UP, Rajasthan and Bihar.

2. Domestic violence

According to the data received by the police and female activist, approximately 70% women in India face domestic violence. A National Family Healthy Survey which was conducted found out that in every 3 adolescent married girls, one of them faces physical violence. The most common acts of physical violence observed are slapping, forced sexual relationships, Twisting, punching, etc.

3. Female infanticide

The next on our list of social evils in India to fight against on Dussehra 2019 is female infanticide. Despite the fact that India does not allow the doctors to reveal the gender, female infanticide is high in India. It horrifies us to mention that most number of females are killed before they are bought in the world. A survey was conducted by the India Today team reveals that 2500 cases of female infanticide happens every week in Rajasthan.

4. Prostitution

Prostitution is a work practice in which females exchange their body for money. Germany is one such country where prostitution is legal. However, in India it is still one of the brothel crimes. There are many teenage girls who are dragged into this business and are exploited and abused to a great extent. In most of the small villages, girls who have entered puberty are pushed in the cage of prostitution.

5. Dowry

Dowry is one of the oldest social evil practices in India to fight against on Dussehra 2019. It is a practice of giving money, jewelry, furniture and other things to the groom’s family while marrying your daughter. This practice also results in many cases of domestic violence. People should raise voice against this practice and make India free from practice of dowry.

The above-mentioned 5 social evils are still managing to infect our Indian society. Hence, they should be defeated and eradicated from the society immediately. On this Dussehra 2019, let us all pledge to fight against it.