5 Things Only A Baniya Can Understand- Baniya Meme


Baniya people are a different kind of people which are known for their own personality and nature because their nature and activities are somehow different from other people. So here are some of the things you can definitely understand if you are a Baniya.

5 Things Only A Baniya Can Understand are:

Money Saving is equal to Life-Saving-

Baniya’s have a different value for many than others, they don’t spend unnecessarily Although they are really famous about their “KANJUSI”. The reason behind it is still a secret whether they are really KANJUS or they actually calculate and spend! Many people make weird taglines and call Baniya People a “KANJUS BANIYA”

All-Time Toppers-

The whole Baniya community is considered very intelligent especially in Maths and they are the toppers in school, college, entrance exams and etc etc. “AISA LAGTA HAI KOI SHAKTIYAN VARDAN MAI MILI HAI” because baniya’s can’t go wrong in “HISAB KITAB”. Baniya meme is very famous as

Baniya Wedding-

They are well known for their fantastic and over budgeted marriages. No matter how KANJUS we call a Baniya, nobody can beat their “Shaadiyaan”. They don’t compromise in arranging any of their weddings because “PRAAN JAYE PAR STATUS NA JAYE”

Non-Veg = Get ready for Death

99.99% of Baniya population are vegetarian and they are strictly against eating Non-Veg. And if they see anybody eating Non-Veg so they start giving Bhasan about the consequences and all . because according to Baniya’s eating nonveg is equal to “DHARAM BHARASTH KRANA”. It is the reason for their fear that they are not able to eat non-veg. They are also presented with this baniya meme.

Top Class Bargainers-

They have an ability to do a good level of bargaining. If someone from a Baniya Community fails to do a good bargain. He is declared as a “NAKLI BANIYA” Baniya’s are well known for their bargaining power. Because they leave no scope for the seller to extra earn from them!