5 Types of Teachers in School Life


Almost everyone must have experienced different types of teachers in school life. Some are really sweet and some are strict so here are the types of teachers in a school-

1.Strict Maths Teacher-

She was like Adolf Hitler who almost has forced everybody to practice the sums and complete the homework, she had the power to make us feel ghosts around us. The most dangerous thing while studying maths was “RD. SHARMA” .”Zindagi Mai Kuch Karne Ko Boldo Par Maths Se Hath Judwao”

2.The PT Teacher-

According to me, he was the one who thought that only he can exercise better than anyone.
He made us exercise a lot in the assemblies, gave us punishments and at last we laughed a lot and never followed him. Most funny and dangerous thing he could ever do was taking us to the principal office for creating chaos in school.

3.The Corrective English Teacher-

She was the one who always corrected our grammatical mistakes and never got tired of doing that. The hilarious thing that ever happened to us was having notebooks with red marks all over. She was the one who acted like William Shakespeare because “Duniya Bhar Ka Angreji Ka Gyan Bhi Inhe Tha”.

4.Shudh Hindi Teacher-

She has taught us the best of “VYAKRAN”. She was the most irritating teacher that one could ever tolerate. We only had a wish in school that if she was on leave and we could enjoy our freedom. But this could not happen because “SAPNE AND SACH MAI BHAUT FARAK HOTA HAI”

5.Bindass Teacher-

Now not by subject but by nature, there were many teachers in school life who were really Bindass and Cool. They understood our emotions very well and handled them the way we wanted every teacher to do. These teachers were just like Angels because they helped us a lot throughout the School Life. “Kyunki Zindagi Mai Ek Farishta To Sabko Milta Hai”

No matter what the time was how it passed, how strict the teachers were but no doubt school life was and will be the best always. The memories made in school life are unforgettable and are for life and beyond.

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