5 Types Of People in a Family Whatsapp Group

Nowadays WhatsApp is a big trend and almost every person is engaged in chatting on WhatsApp, whether he is a teenager, an adult or maybe any old person. Whatsapp has spared nobody. But the scariest thing is being added in a family WhatsApp group. So here are types of people that are in the family WhatsApp group-

1.Good Morning Text Senders-

These people are hilarious and spread good morning messages like epidemics.
They are so fond of sending and irritating everybody in the group by sending long morning texts and images which indirectly fills up the phone memory.

 2. The Message Spammer-

In every family WhatsApp group, there exists a Buaji or Chachaji who has a personal motive of spamming the group continuously and disturbing everybody. “AISA LAGTA HAI KISI NE GUN SE BULLETS CHODH DI HO”

3.The Invisible Bhatija-

Yes, he is the person who is really fed up with the continuous WhatsApp messages and has finally muted the group. He is busy and happy in his own life as well as is satisfied with that only “Kyunki The Deen Duniya Se Koi Matlab Nahi hai Inke Lie Sab Moh Maya Hai”

4. The Emotional Chachi-

 She is full of emotions and the place she finds appropriate to take out all her emotions is “The Family Whatsapp Group”. She has the best collection of emotional quotes as well as messages as if “Inka hi Dil Tut Gaya Ho”. The most irritating thing about having one member like her is, we can’t remove her out of the group!

5. Bantu Mama Ka Beta-

Bantu mama ka beta is the one who is just like his dad only. He likes to send all the snaps taken throughout the day and show everybody. He cannot spend the day without sending/ showing anything to the family group. Bugging people unnecessarily is the main job that is the perfect doing it!
So these are the people, that are present in almost every family Whatsapp group and definitely, everybody hates them.  I hope you can definitely relate to all of these people who leave no option to irritate you.