7 Superpower Dogs


Dogs, always regarded as man’s best friend first. They are loyal, loving and playful. They are amazingly adorable and that is why they are probably the most favourite pet choice for many people. People adopt them and they often become the part of the family, Police also use them in their investigation. Various profiles for dogs depends upon their strengths as compared to their sizes. Some dogs are super-fast, some are super strong, some have a great sense of smell while some are just super friendly. So here is a list of dogs and the various superpower they have.

  1. German Shepherds

Probably this is the most common and known name on this list. German Shepherds, often known for their strength, intelligence and loyalty. This is why they are the most common police dogs. Their ability to smell and find things out is amazing. They are even the most common breed found in the household because of their playfulness and loyalty.

2. Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Apart from being a fluff ball with dashing looks, Siberian Huskies are known for their strength. They have been sledge dogs for decades now because of their strong muscular body and they have the strength to pull sledge even in harsh weathers in difficult terrains.

3. English Bulldog

In spite of their short height, this breed is known for tremendous powers. Initially, they were bred for fighting bulls and were regarded amongst toughest of contenders. Bulldog, known for their aggressive nature and with just one bite they can bring down the strongest of the human being.

4. Pit Bull

With their strong built and tremendous speed, these dogs were created for dogfighting. They have immense power and if they jump on you with their full speed they will surely knock you down. Although they are known for their aggression, it largely depends upon their upbringing. If raised well they are very loving and gentle.

5. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos are famous as hunting dogs. They have a fighting spirit and are extremely loyal to their masters. Also, hunters use them to hunt down wild boars and their senses are extremely strong. They are tall and can scare off strangers easily.

6. Rottweiler

They were initially used as herd dogs on farms. They are capable of taking care of an entire herd on their own. But gradually they made their way into people’s houses and became a very popular choice as house pets. Though they are aggressive in nature if brought up properly with a positive training they can be very loyal and loving pets.

7. St. Bernard

Bernard is a breed of Swiss dogs. They are often taken in hunt and rescue missions in the snowy area a lot because of their ability to smell even during snowfall. As Bernards can smell, find the missing person and guide them back safely. They are strong and big and are good at digging.

Dogs turn out the way they are brought up. In a loving and positive environment, even the most aggressive dog becomes gentle.