7 Things Only A Brother And Sister Can Relate To

Brother SIsters

Having siblings is a big blessing to one and a relationship that is shared by a brother and a sister is one of the amazing relationships in the world. Brothers and sisters share a bond like sweet and sugar they are somehow different but in every manner are perfect for each other. Here are some of the things that every brother and sister can relate to very easily-

  1. You can borrow each other’s clothes or else can steal them when you want to wear any of them.

Stealing cloths

  1. You fight just like “TOM AND JERRY” because you can’t resist irritating each other and the funniest thing is that it suits both of you to do the same.


  1. Being a kid your brother must have stolen all your chocolates and have irritated you a lot by doing the same again and again, and when you blame each other in front of your parents so your reaction is like “CHOR KI DAADI MAI TINKA”

  1. Doing your brother’s holidays homework and completing his projects file the day before final submission is your regular kind of work, “KYUNKI EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL KRNA LADKO K BAIYEN HATH KA KHEL HAI”

  1. Keeping each other’s pet names and then fighting over that is just the favorite and funniest thing to do with each other. He calls you MOTI and you call him BANDAR.

Pet names

  1. Both of you are perfect partners in crime and are the best, you can destroy anything when you are together because the devil minds when plan something together create a disaster.

Brother SIsters 4

  1. But the thing is no matter what how much you fight or hate each other, at the end both of you are here for each other and can’t stay without each other because your love is pure and unconditional.

Sister FIght

So these were some of the things that definitely you can relate to if you have a brother/ sister. Some relationships can never end and have a brother/sister no matter younger or elder is truly a blessing of GOD.