A Kuwaiti Man Marries 4 Woman On The Same Day

A Kuwaiti Man Marries 4 Woman On The Same Day

Viral News – Man Marries 4 Woman: Every day we come across thousands of news from all over the world. News are generally related to all the things going on in the world.  Daily affairs, natural calamities, political issues are some of the topics included in Daily Dose.

But someday are lucky enough to get strokes of unusual news. This news seems to shock us and sometimes Compels to think deep. Some news is funny whereas some are too serious to believe.

 Marries to 4 beautiful, gorgeous ladies at one time!!!

Here comes a case, crazy case of a Kuwaiti young man whose conditions are slightly different and disappointing. This young Kuwait guy’s many pics went viral on a social platform saying a married 4 young ladies at the same time.

Yes, this news is of nearly 2 years ago. This news as was on social media went viral in no time. Many people seemed jealous seeing him as the husband of 4 beautiful ladies. Many people were shocked too and said this was wrong.

This young guy has many pics on social media.  He is well dressed in those,  a thobe is a knee length with long full sleeves garment  that is generally worn by Arab males.it is known as the signature dress of Arabs .he was also wearing a turban on head.

Revenge was the motive behind it


It is said that this man did this because of his ex-wife. He wanted to take revenge on his ex-wife and end up marrying 4 new women. He took many pictures of the events and many videos too got viral. There were many doubts at that time on the news that included pics and videos that whether this content is real or it is fake.

Is it all real??

Every news that suddenly becomes viral and popular is tested, whether the news is correct or not.  Same happened with this marriage or say this viral news. It was examined by many news channels .It is said that it is one of the fake news that is just posted to divert the things. At the starting of the day when this news and various photos went viral, it was shocking and held the headlines.  But at the end of the day, this news was said to be fake.

Many people said that it could be like this: the 4 beautiful ladies in these pics maybe are models. These models are thought to be just showing the new bridal dresses and designs.

There was one more assumption that the guy, Kuwait guy is intentionally is doing this.  Means maybe these pics and videos are for fun purpose only. These videos are said to be made with the intention of fun wedding scenes.