A man with over 100 cases against him arrested in Delhi


These days, the rate of crime have been on its peak. According to one research study conducted in India, it was found out that the crime rate in India is close to 43.9%. Every next day, when a person picks up the newspapers to read the news, the only headlines flashing to their eyes are all about adultery, murder, extortion and what not.

Today also, we bring you another crime news. A man was arrested in Delhi who had 100 criminal cases filed against him. The cases which were filed against him included, murder, robbery, extortion and much more. The sections under which he has been arrested are 186, 353, 307 and 411.

The name of the criminal is announced to be Raju. He was on run from police but couldn’t escape for a longer period of time. Raju was finally arrested on Friday by police at Pushpanjali Farmhouse.

For the information of our readers, this clever criminal has also been accused of illegal possession of arms. It included a country-made pistol. One live cartridge and one un-used cartridge were recovered from the man arrested against 100 criminal cases.

After the arrest of a man like Raju, the resident of India can have a sigh of relief. The full name of the man is known to be Raju Hakla.

Talepost gives claps for the bravery of Delhi police. It is because they managed to arrest such a man who had 100 cases filed against him.