The Accidental Prime Minister Trailer Missing, Please Help: Anupam Kher to Youtube


  “The Accidental Prime Minister” Again Caught in Controversies

The first and yet the most controversial film of the year 2019 has managed to come again under the lime-lights of media and news. The recently released trailer of the movie, “The Accidental Prime Minister” has gone missing from the top search results by YouTube. The trailer as reported was on the top most of search result before two days.


The lead actor of the movie, “Anupam Kher” was informed by his fans about the missing trailer. When Talepost itself, took to searching the trailer on YouTube, the only videos we came across were the actor’s film interviews.

Anupam Kher Tweeted, 

“Dear YouTube, I am getting messages and calls that in parts of our country if you type, trailer of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, it is either not appearing or at 50th position. We were trending at No. 1 yesterday. Please help”.

There has been other legal cases also going on after the film. Many government leaders have qouted the statement, that the movies has tarnished the image of many political personalities.

The movie is all set to be released on 11 January. Keep checking for more such updates and news.

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