This Ad May Soon Get Banned In India : Wild Stone TV Commercial 2017


Banning on commercial ads in India is not new, there are already so many tv ads facing imposed ban on broadcasting for several reasons. The major hit to business is from the Tobacco and Cosmetic product industry. Yet again we are talking about the product from Wild  Stone, who already facing a ban due to its ‘overtly sexual’ appeal in TV advertisement. Wild stone perfume These days a new ad from Wild Stone perfume is popular on television, the internet, and YouTube. In this advertisement, a businessman boss introduces his employee team to his daughter at a party event. During the introduction, he notices the fragrance of the perfume used by one of his employee Kunal. Next day morning when father enters to wake up his daughter smell the same fragrance of perfume coming from her daughter and feels frustrated over Kunal.  We hope you already understood the matter. Now in a country like India where people are so emotional about morality in broadcasting media. Anyone can get annoyed with this ad and don’t be surprised if any of NGO’s files a request a ban on this ad.

You may watch the ad below and decide your opinion