Aditya Verma to appeal in Supreme Court over IPL spot-fixing


Aditya Verma who petitioned in the IPL spot fixing case is going to the Supreme Court. He wants an enquiry against Vinod Rai, chairman of apex court-appointed COA.

In the conflict of interest charge that Verma is going to levy, he mentions that he is planning to file a petition in next 10 days or so. He is going to ask the court to enquire the entire work of Vinod Rai in BCCI for the past 20 months. “He has given BCCI jobs to his own people with a handsome salary,” he said. “For most of these jobs, there were no applications. Then, how can you hire employees that way?” he added.

Accusations on both the side


In the case of Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke (former BCCI president and secretary) who didn’t implement the orders of the SC, were removed. Vinod Rai has also failed to follow the orders. Justice Lodha has already raised questions over the work done by Rai. He wonders why the SC hasn’t terminated his job.

In an interview with the sportstar, Verma says that some of these decisions are not valid by CoA. The leading member Vinod Rai is questionable. He desires to know how were those decisions made.” He further said that “They hired Tufan Ghosh as the COO of the National Cricket Academy. I wonder, how come, someone who has no idea about cricket, was hired for the big role? These are the questions Mr. Rai and the CEO must answer.”

Lots of unsolved questions

He also wants to know why was Prof. Ratnakar Shetty appointed as the head of the cricket ad-hoc committee for the state of Uttarakhand. As per the rules, all the BCCI staff on completing 60 years are retired. Why wasn’t the same rule implemented the case of for Prof Shetty.

Verma is planning to write to the Prime Minister’s Office detailing the corrupt practices that took place while providing the advertisement slots during the IPL 2018.

At last, he said that “The northeast state associations don’t have any money to host competitions and nothing has been done. I plan to raise all these issues in the petition.”

A rage on going against BCCI

Aditya Verma has been at the front of the attempt to ensure that the BCCI functions in a clean manner. On asking for an explanation why is he going against the BCCI he said, “I come from a sports loving family. My uncle played football for India. Though my father never played, he was a huge sports enthusiast. He avidly followed cricket, hockey and other sports. He owned a thriving business, and used to fly out to watch Test Cricket in the 1950’s and 60’s. At a time when travel by air was something that most people could only dream of.

He used to share his experiences with my siblings and I, and this led to us growing up to be lovers of sport by the time we reached adulthood in the late 70’s. I was lucky in that way.

I myself went on to play cricket for Tata. After I left the company, and witnessed what happened after the division of Bihar in the year 2000.  I decided to stand up for my state and the children of Bihar.”

And thus he began his quest to reform the BCCI.