Adult Drama Series Popular on Amazon prime and Netflix


Our favorite web channels have been giving us a good twist in the last few months. With the presence of ever-burgeoning drama series increasing year after year, it has indeed put all the viewers in a darker and grittier mood. And Indians are getting pretty much well ahead in the competition with quite a few blockbuster series being produced in the country only.
Adult Drama Series are the flavor of the season!

The hype of Sacred games and the recent Amazon Prime thriller of Mirzapur has gotten everybody hooked to different kinds of adult drama series and the trend is not going to stop anytime soon! However, there have been many more adult drama series on both the web channels with a grand plot, edgy characters and stunning visuals. Here in this post we shall discuss the different kinds of drama series that have been ruling the roost in the hearts and minds of people from both the channels!

First, let us discuss a few adult drama series of Netflix:-

1. Sacred Games
Of course, right now, the most popular series that is at the top of the game is Sacred Games. With a powerful cast featuring Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte and Nawazzudin Siddiqui, and a pretty sophisticated and mysterious plot of events that might affect Mumbai, and no holds barred scenes, this series is definitely worth the watch!

2. Black mirror
It is a stunning series of episodes which show how a dystopian future of technology can ruin humanity and can adversely affect the day to day lives of normal people. With many different actors joining the series and almost each episode being discrete, Black mirror is an amazing commentary on the fatalistic nature of human nature.

3. Narcos
This amazing TV series inspired by the real life mobster Pablo Escobar has garnered many rare positive views and an overwhelming number of fans. With its dark, gritty plot line and sensual visuals, Narcos is one of the top series of Netflix with its fourth season coming up right now, and it is definitely amazing. Sacred Games could almost be considered an Indian version of Narcos.

4. House of Cards
Another awesome series by the now incumbent Kevin Spacey, the House of Cards is an amazing series with very gritty acting and deep themes.

Now let us discuss a few adult drama series of Amazon Prime which fall under this category:-

Mirzapur is the recent adult drama series that has caught up the attention of media and all the subscribers. With a stellar plot, it is definitely worth a look. With the need for high-voltage drama increasing day by day, Amazon Prime is also not left far-behind with its delectable offering of dark dramas.

1. The Man in the High Castle
One of the best series available on the platter of Amazon Prime, the man in the high castle is a series about an alternative historical fiction. It has a layered plot and it has good depth of characters present in the series. If you like Mirzapur, you will definitely like this one as well.

2. Hannibal
A series of the world’s best prolific serial killer is always going to be a very popular choice. And Hannibal takes full advantage of a good script, unrestricted scenes and decent acting.

Thus, if a good adult drama series is what you are craving, then look no further and start a binge on them right now. And if Indian adult drama series are your metier, then catch up with Sacred Games and Mirzapur, and enjoy a good time watching them!