Adult Star Mahika Sharma to Enter Big Boss 12


Bigg Boss Season 12 Begining from Sept 16, After Entry of Adult Star Mahika Sharma, One of the Spiciest Bigg Boss Ever Expected


Mahika Sharma is a famous adult star who has appeared in many television shows and Bollywood Movies. She basically belongs from Haryana and later on, she shifted to Mumbai for setting up her carrier in Bollywood. Mahika Sharma has always been around many controversies but moving forward the biggest news is that she is going to enter Big Boss 12 house, the biggest hit that is all about controversies and reality check. The show revolves around voting for contestants and elimination. Each of the contestants has to play well in order to sustain themselves for long in the game.

About Bigg Boss 12 Celebrity Reality Show Game Format 

Bigg Boss 12

Every season the makers of Big Boss try to allure people by airing a different concept and the whole season the show revolves around the concept in order to gather the attraction of the viewers and to make it the show with highest TRP. This season the concept is somehow different and marvelous because it is all about entering the Big Boss house with your partners or in JODI’S and the Jodi can be either of “Brother-sister”, “mother-son”. The viewers are really excited for the show to start and they have started showing their love for the show.


What’s new in Bigg Boss 12 

The amazing thing about this season is that adult star Mahika Sharma is all set to enter the Big Boss house along with Pornstar Danny D and according to many reports there have been recent talks that they are the highest paid Jodi this season although everything will be cleared soon as the  grand premiere night  on 16th September and the viewers are eagerly waiting for the premiere launch.

As per some spotted comments, Danny told that he doesn’t know about being in the show as his manager is there to look into that matters and also he had put a condition that he will only enter in the Bigg Boss house if Mahika Sharma will take care of him inside and if he will enter the Big Boss house so he will be the second porn star after sunny leone participating in the show and converge the attention of the fans.

Every year the host Salman Khan gets ready to give the show a new change and make it memorable and spicy, the “Weekend Ka Vaar” with Salman one of the interesting things to enjoy while watching Bigg Boss so there is an anxious wait for the fans for the biggest hit to start and add some spice to their boring lives.