Prachi Saadhvi visited Gorakhnath temple for Rahul Gandhi?


Prachi Saadhvi is a Vishwa Hindu Parishad Leader. Saadhvi Prachi is a saadhvi, a religious preacher, and also a social worker and here is what she says about Rahul Gandhi.

Prayer for Rahul Gandhi- A Controversy

Saadhvi went to Gorak Nath Temple on the very first Monday of the auspicious month, Saavan. There she offered prayers, seeking blessings from Baba Gorak Nath. She said that this time she came up with a special purpose, though she frequently visits the temple. She said that this time he prayed that if Congress does not get the majority in the country, Rahul must get a wife. Her real words were “agar unhe sarkar ke liye bahumat na mile to Rahul Gandhi ko bahu mil jaaye”. She indirectly said that she prayed for Rahul to get a life partner. She says that his illogical statements would never help him get the majority.

Prachi saadhvi has always been in news for her bitter words. She has always been on top of the headlines and on controversies just because of her comments. This time also it happened the same, she this time kind of poke congress and more specifically Rahul Gandhi. She thinks that Narendra Damodardas Modi, the current Prime Minister will surely going to own the elections that will be held in 2019. She said that Rahul Gandhi does not deserve the majority and going to lose so he should find his life partner.

Congress Replied…

This wasn’t a good comment on her part and even Congress felt it hard. So Ashok Singh, UP Congress spokesperson hit her with a comment saying “it has become a trend for these people to ridicule the top leadership of the Congress. He also said that these words from a saadhvi don’t give a good impression of her in any way.