Ajya Devgan Spills Kajol’s Number Accidentally On Twitter


Another Bollywood controversy is brimming your way. Twitter being Bollywood’s favorite social media to be on, emerges a big controversy yet again. Ajay Devgn accidentally shared his wife Kajol’s number on Twitter.

The Tweet:

A tweet was posted from the actor’s verified account saying revealing his actress-wife Kajol’s number asking people to get in touch with her on social media as she is not in the country. Ummm, Not so much an accidental haan?

Twitter, on the other hand, saw this tweet retweeting across Twitter.  It decided to take it down forty-five minutes before the retweet.

A swirl of Accusations:

Since this tweet was retweeted all across Twitter a huge swirl of accusations, assumptions and rumors emerged. One of which is that the actor was drunk in his wife’s absence and tweeted this over a petty fight. Some speculate that his account was hacked while the others take it as a publicity stunt. This is said so as Kajol’s new movie ‘Helicopter Eela’ is being released and this could be another hype for the movie. Kajol’s as of now has been reported to be out of the country for the promotions of the same.

Revealing the truth:

Later on, Actor Ajay Devgn posted another tweet claiming that it was just a prank on the fans. He requested everyone to take it lightly. As far as the actor is concerned, he doesn’t seem like someone who could pull a prank. Probably which is why nobody speculated it to be a prank after all. Kajol initially had no comments on the same and stayed completely silent during the matter. While later on, she tweeted “Looks like your pranks are out of the studios now… But there is No Entry for them at home!”

The fans were trolling Devgan for making such a gruesome mistake; Actor Ajay was busy taking a laugh on those who fell for it. He is known to be the prankster on sets, but this time the prankster crawled out of the studios and in the real world.

While some still insist on it being a well-planned publicity strategy for wife’s upcoming film, some people are just bashing him for making fun of his woman. Some people don’t get the joke, do they?

Is this another publicity stunt or just a stupid mistake/prank? Well, we’ll leave that on you to decide. Spilling Kajol’s number is not a joke but celebrities need to be very conscious while handling their social media accounts.