All You Need to Know About Bell Peppers and Its Benefits

Red Bell Papers

Bell peppers, which are also commonly known as Capsicum, are one of the vegetables that are found on regular basis in any household. Most of us are actually fond of eating this amazing and tasty vegetable but don’t many of us are aware much about them. Do you know, bell peppers are a part of nightshade family which also includes tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant?

This may also surprise you that these bell peppers are not vegetables actually but are fruits of the nightshade family. The bell peppers are available in different colors such as green, yellow, orange, and purple along with the red ones. One interesting fact about the red bell pepper is that these red peppers are actually green bell peppers which are left to a continuous ripen.

These peppers are also called as sweet peppers for the fact that they are less hot in terms of its spice quotient. The substance called ‘capsaicin’, which controls the spiciness in the peppers is present in very less amount. Not only do these red bell pepper and others are known for their good looks but they are also quite beneficial for the health. The different varieties of bell peppers are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and thus provide a number of health benefits.

Have a look at some of the amazing health benefits that the red bell pepper along with the other bell peppers can offer:

  1. Benefits the eyes, bones, and skin: Bell peppers are a good source of Vitamin A and C which are extremely beneficial for improving the eye vision. Not only this, they also benefit the health of the skin and bones. They also reduce the risk of eye’s macular degeneration by being the rich source of carotenoid. As red bell peppers have more amount of Vitamin C, you must intake that more.
  2. Reduces calories: If you want to lose weight then you must consume more or red bell peppers. Not people know that red peppers have more amount of capsaicin which is necessary for metabolism boosting. The presence of this substance also enhances the weight loss process for the body and thus helps in effective weight loss.
  3. Fight against cancer: Though all the available peppers have their own benefits for the body, it is the red pepper that delivers the maximum benefit. According to research, it has been observed that red bell pepper have high nutritional levels including the lycopene, which helps in fighting against cancer.
  4. Improves growth of hair: Bell peppers are also beneficial for improving the hair growth. Consuming significant amount of the bell peppers helps in improving the scalp’s blood circulation and thus helps in improving the growth of the hair.

Most of us never knew these benefits of bell peppers. But now, when you are aware of the same, will you be using more of bell peppers? Do let us know by commenting below.