From April 1 Two-Wheelers to lit headlights in day time too | Here are the reasons


If you have a bike or a two-wheeler vehicle at home, this is an important news for from the government, from April 1 all two-wheelers including bikers to lit the headlights permanently on even at day time too.

The government has also issued a notification regarding the changes in new two-wheelers manufactured in India. All the manufacturers have to provision of an automatic headlamp on (AHO) for two-wheel vehicles, like the Daytime Running Lamps found on cars.

Once the new system is installed in new vehicles the riders won’t need to turn off or on the headlamps, as it would be automatically turned on. Earlier the Supreme Court of India appointed a committee on road safety who recommended this. The court has also found this beneficial for many lives on the road, as the two-wheelers among all type of vehicles have the highest number of road crashes. Experts on automobiles suggested that AHO will help to improve on-road visibility during day hours especially at dawn and dusk.

The government concern on road safety is an important issue as many of our citizens losing their lives in such mishappenings, these changes will definitely reduce those occurrences