Is wedding bells ringing for Arbaaz Khan Again?


Malaika Arora Khan, a fine actress of Bollywood industry and Arbaaz Khan, an actor, and brother of Salman Khan got married in 1998. They separated in the year 2016, ending the 18 years long marriage. Their divorce was approved by Bandra family court in Mumbai.

It was a shocking news for the entire Bollywood industry hearing about the separation of this Bollywood couple. Malaika Arbaaz divorce didn’t sound good to anyone out there.

Are marriage bells ringing for Arbaaz?

Half of the world moves around rumors. But since Arbaaz Khan is often present with his new girlfriend the speculation of his marriage might be true. It is said that Arbaaz Khan is dating someone. He is happy with his new girlfriend. After Malaika and Arbaaz Khan divorce, a new girl is already there in Arbaaz Khan’s life.

Who is Andriani?

According to sources Andriani is the new girlfriend of Arbaaz Khan after his divorce with Malaika. He is dating her for a long time. Her full name is Giorgia And. She is basically a model. According to rumours he is even ready to marry his girlfriend. Since the time he broke his marriage with Malaika, he is dating Andriani and is having a happy relationship. This relationship isn’t approved by the family of Arbaaz, concludes the sources. After the divorce from Malaika Arora Khan, Arbaaz is thinking about marrying again. Arbaaz Khan Divorce made a way to this relationship.

Malaika Arora Khan divorce reason

According to the conclusion made by the sources on Malaika Arbaaz split because of the entry of Arjun Kapoor in Malaika’s life. This seems to trigger the threads of their marriage. Malaika Arora Khan, as a person made her own identity by her hard work in the industry, she seems to be fed up of Arbaaz’s dependence on his brother. This seems to be Malaika divorce reason.

 Malaika Arora Khan takes his kid’s custody 

Malaika Arbaaz seperation will affect their kid’s life too. They have a child from this marriage. Divorce is not only difficult for parents but kids too. From Arbaaz Khan Divorce, custody of their son, Arhaan is given to Malaika. Father Arbaaz khan can meet his son whenever he wants to meet him. Now as an independent mother Malaika takes a good care of her son. She has become a responsible mother.

Still spotted together

After the divorce, this couple is still present together at many events. Recently they were seen together at the Justin Bieber show. They two were enjoying the show with their son, Arhaan.

Arbaaz Khan Divorce is really dreadful for the fans also. Though the divorce was tough for both of them, they clearly seem moving forward in their life.

Arbaaz is seeing for marrying again. Malaika performs in stage shows and is an excellent dancer. She also judges reality shows. We wish both of them a peaceful and happy life after their divorce.