Artist Swati Pasari is welcoming the year 2019 with her latest collection of Artwork, “Celebrating Life”


As the New Year 2019, has opened door with many new opportunities. The very talented Artist Swati has welcomed her new year with all her latest artwork collection. We bring you the excellent artworks by Swati, “Celebrating Life”.

“Celebrating Life”, that’s how the young and talented artist from Kolkata, Swati Pasari describes her latest collection of Sculptures and Artwork, which has received immense response from the art lovers and critics, both in India and abroad.

Through her Collection, she has made an attempt to understand her own personality and life around her. “My paintings are a reflection of my thought process. When I paint, I think and feel inner peace and beauty, serenity and calmness. So my paintings manifest these feelings. As I go along with the creations, I build on the idea of what the painting should look like”, says the artist who is creating magnificent sculptures for the coming year 2019. The beginning of New Year 2019, will see her artwork at  India Art Festival, Mumbai  in January  and thereafter she will be part of a prestigious Group Show in February at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Swati has earned accolades for her work across the globe. The themes of her paintings include immortality, timelessness and finding inner peace. While her art has immense artistic maturity, she has been painting only since 2007. And in these few years, she has already exhibited her paintings in several parts of the world with many upcoming exhibitions scheduled.

She looks at each painting as a mirror that portrays herself and all that she stands for. Being a Pranic Healer, she has a strong spiritual side to herself and most of her paintings are made with the intention of spreading positivity.

“They say that you have to be lost in order to be found. Every artist strives for inner peace, and art is only a method of finding inner wholesomeness”, adds Swati