International Beer Day!

Bottoms up, people! It’s International Beer Day. Firstly, this liquor is literally everyone’s darling; it can light up any bad day or a boring, lifeless party. It’s already too good for us. But, hold up! An entire day, like 24 hours dedicated to it all. Could we ask for more?

So, straight up, International Beer day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of August. It was founded by Jesse Avshalomov in the year 2007.

Beer Day carries a similar meaning – uniting it’s lovers throughout the globe. Exciting offers and free beer (feel the EXCITEMENT!) is offered at many places throughout the globe. And a country like India which loves its booze could just not afford to not be celebrating this auspicious day for liquor lovers. Various outlets in the country offer you some really exciting deals and we’ll let you know which ones-

  1. Gravity, Gurgaon which offers you a BOGO offer on it. So, gather your squad ‘cause you know where to go, right?
  2. Philtre, Gurgaon is offering you your first two of it at INR 13. Like seriously even a water bottle costs more than that!
  3. Global Junction, Bangalore where you get flat 25% off on your order with lip-smacking food and music.
  4. The Little Day, Mumbai where you can get ready to enjoy your day at mind bobbling prices.
  5. Pickle and Pint, Mumbai is offering you the unlimited liquor at just 499!!!


What’s going on in the world?

All that you need to know is right here-

Old Blue Last in Shore-ditch and the Sebright Arms in Hackney (London) are offering you free beer. Repeat, free beer!

But like every story has a twist, this one has one too.

You can only avail the it free if you have a voucher which needs to be printed, but that doesn’t mean that you can go on printing innumerable vouchers.

Yes, that’s right! Just one! Sighs.

But, anyway, a free beer is a free beer. Ain’t?

So, let’s just say you had a lot of liquor and now you are guilty. What do you do? Don’t worry, because beer is healthy.

Benefits of Drinking BEER – 

  • It decreases the risk of any cardiac ailments
  • It makes your bones stronger
  • It lessens the risk of having kidney stones by a large margin
  • Prevents Anemia which is a loss in the count of the red blood cells (RBCs)
  • Reduces the risk of Diabetes among us
  • It also enhances the quality of sight and the eye health, in general
  • Increases the mental state
  • Reduces the risk of a potential development of cancer
  • It enhances the potency and vigour in bed
  • Impact of vitamin E aids in the process of age (Well, now women know why men love beer so much and don’t age fast!)
  • Last but not the least, it is a great stress buster and promotes sleep.

So, now no guilty but enjoying the drink to its fullest because even seeing empty glasses can be phobic for some! 😀

Drink, Drink, Drink till you die!