Best green tea oil and herbal products for men and women


For those who still have faith in natural ingredients and use most of natural products only, herbal products are the commonest choice. Several herbal products are useful when one needs to lose weight, reduce the sugar level, remove acne and more. Green Tea tree oil is similarly an essential oil that is very useful – this oil can be used to treat skin, nails, and hair, as an alternative to consuming allopathic medicines. Green Tea tree oil can be a successful insect repellent, is also a great deodorant, and an excellent mouthwash. If used topically, it can treat skin conditions.

Herbal products are harmless:

Herbal products are always harmless, most effective and never harsh on the skin. Any herbal product has the potential to cure an ailment if used in the correct doses. All medicines are only a derivative of these original plant products. In this case, green tea tree oil magically cures a lot of skin ailments. One needs to remember though that the oil shouldn’t be directly applied on the skin, instead should be diluted with some other oil.

Benefits of green tea:

Green Tea tree oil extracts can successfully cure dry eczema and dryness in the skin in general. Mixing green tea tree oil with any base oil and then applying on the dry region, alleviates the dryness.  Similarly, oily skin can also be treated with tea tree oil. Using a mixture of green tea tree oil and sunscreen or lotion helps to reduce oiliness of the skin. Other skin conditions like itchiness, dryness, and inflammation can be successfully treated. Using it in tandem with a base, and then applying on an affected area reduces swelling.

Infections, cuts, and wounds can also be healed within days if green tea tree oil is used well. Also known to alleviate dandruff, green tea tree oil removes oil and dirt from the scalp also. For acne too, green tea tree oil is very effective. It is one of the herbal products that heal extremely quickly and prevents scars.

Herbal products are safe alternatives and can be opted for any time of the year. They are noncorrosive and they treat the problem with vigor. Some of the Indian herbal brands that can be relied on blindly are Himalaya herbals, Lotus Herbals, Khadi natural, Vaadi herbals, Just herbs, Biotique, Forest Essentials, Ayur Herbals, VLCC, JOVEES herbal, etc. Green Tea tree oil brands that one can purchase would be the Body Shop, Khadi Herbal and more.

Serious skin disorders like psoriasis can also be very easily treated if one remembers to regularly apply green tea tree oil in the affected area with proper base mixing. The medicines for psoriasis are usually very harsh, and it is always easy to go for a herbal alternative. After all, isn’t a medicinal alternative more tedious than a herbal treatment? Switch to herbal products today for a better and safer cure.