Best multiplayer games you can play with friends


Since the times Android has come, playing a game with your friends has become more easy and convenient. Now you need not to be together to play one of the best multiplayer game, but you can play these games together sitting miles apart.  Now with such multiplayer games, you need not to miss your friend with whom you used to play your old school video games.

So for all such people who still want to play the best multiplayer game with their friends, here is the list of all such amazing games:

  • Adventure Quest 3D: The latest addition in the family of multiplayer games is adventure Quest 3D. You can play this game both on your PC as well as on your mobile phone, its compatibility with both the devices is its USP. You can even chat with your friend while playing this amazing game full of excitement and quests.

  • Asphalt Xtreme: This one is the most popular and best multiplayer game so far. Boys love to play racing games, and this game has got all the elements of real-time Not only racing cars will be there, but the street will be full of hurdles and almost 50 other vehicles to increase the difficulty level.

  • Critical Ops: This shooting game is also liked by many people. It comes in multiplayer combat, where one can become a terrorist and other can shoot to wipe them off. If you want to try your hands on upgraded features of shooting rifles. You may need to make some in-app purchases.

  • Arena of Valor: Action packed games are always This multiplayer game offers you both action and entertainment. You can choose the hero of your choice out of 40 heroes. They can play one on one battle until the final showdown. This game is absolutely free to download and play.

  • NBA Jam: We always save best for the last. It is one of the most sorted and best multiplayer games available online. The goal is simply to score maximum goals while playing

    a basketball

    . During the match, you can knock, shove or steal your opponent to score a point.