Top 10 best romantic games for couples to feel closer


Partners often do hang out at places and spend quality time at exotic places, but playing best romantic games together can help you develop an intimate bond. Games not only help you understand each other, but they also develop a deep and stable equation, as to what you both prefer, feel, think and how you act in certain situations.  Here is a list of some select games, that you and your partner will surely enjoy.


  • Chore wheelgames

This is one of the best romantic games. And we all might not even know about it. While some of us are aware of the chore wheel game, but a lot of us might have not even heard it before. With this game, you can build an interesting equation with your partner. It’s not one of those games that end with just one turn or in a few hours. It is an absolutely engaging game. As the name suggests, a chore game relates to household chores. It makes tasks easier and at the same time is a fun activity. All you need to do is make a spin wheel and write basic chores on it, after dividing it into sections. You can play this game for an entire week. And each partner gets to do one chore. The one who successfully does all the assigned chores in the week gets the opportunity to select a movie for the week or take a day off from household work. You can even make a confession while playing these games.


  • Spin the bottlegames

This game is a well known one. We have often played spin the bottle and combined it with truth and dare. But when two people play it, it’s a little different. You can pre-decide tasks, and write them in chits, fold them and place them in a bowl. Then spin the bottle and pose questions or pick up a chit and give it to your partner. Spin the bottle is a game for the enthusiastic ones who wish to have fun and are eager to make a confession. This game is pretty spontaneous and as the game develops further, you both are sure to enjoy it.


  • Lovopolygames

This is another interesting game for couples to play. Like monopoly, these best romantic games follow almost a similar procedure. This game helps you to establish a strong bond with your partner. You can either take a monopoly board and make necessary changes in it. Or you can take a piece of cardboard and draw and paint it in your own way. You can make it even more interesting by adding personal moments and flashbacks of memories on the board.


  • Play the storygames

Just take a notepad and write down any random line about anything at all. Your partner has to continue that line, by making some relative sense. Continue passing the page between you two. And see how interesting, funny or mischievous the end product is. You can add some twists here and there in this tale. Play these best romantic games and fall in love again.


  • Roll the dicegames

These best romantic games are absolutely unique and is thrilling as well. All you need is a pair of dice and a piece of paper. You need to make 12 columns and write down commands. You have to roll the dice and whatever number you get, you have to fulfill that command. Commands in this game have to be mutual, that is, both of you sit and write them together. You can even make a confession while playing it.

These best romantic games can help you land into the tale of romance.