Best teen romance movies of Bollywood of all times!


Bollywood Teen Romance Movies are full of entertainment, truth of life and fun. Watching them just refresh the beautiful memories. Here are the best 5 of them:-

Jo jeeta wohi sikandar

Set against the backdrop of cool and calm nainital, the
story of few teenagers backed by their bittersweet high school final year memories is sure to impress every viewer. Sanjaylal also known as sanju ,the carefree, loud, flamboyant yet adorable protagonist of the film deals with falling for a new girl in town to the point of getting betrayed by her on the basis of his financial status. The story revolves around high school competition on cycling
which has been won over the years by members of Rajput school and how it turns out to be the turning point for the underdog participants of the model school after the lead’s brother gets into a serious treachery laid by his competitors.


One of the most cherished times in a student’s life is their school senior year. Mohabbatein is the tale of three bright students with varied interests and perception of life who get admitted to an elite school. The headmaster of the
school however, does not believe in the power of love and the consequences it can bring. He therefore forbids his students from following their passions. Behind the superficial curtains of the three students we witness the bigger, more sensitive love story of a teacher of Gurukul. This film is sure to impress the viewer every time.  We get to see a different aspect of the powerful dialogues
by the protagonist who turns the tables at the institution.

Student of the Year

This is a very modern film dealing with concept of high
school friendship set against an event-packed final year. Firstly there is a very nice phase of friendship. Then the love triangle traps three leads for which the student of the year competition acts as a background. It also deals with how all of their friendships are broken and bruised by the end of the year due to the needless rat-race. In the end however, the scattered friends are reunited when their dean leaves for his heavenly abode.

Always kabhi kabhi

A story completely based on a bunch of high school
students who have just got their freedom from the monotonous class routines after the announcement of the annual school play. Initially the students seem less interested to portray the play and win the competition. Instead they want to bunk classes but in the course of it a new student walks through the gates of the
institution only to swerve her way into the heart of our notorious protagonist. After her untimely accident the protagonist understands his need to be serious in life
and works diligently only to come out triumphant in the end. Packed with loads of school pranks and dialogues this story is sure to win hearts.

Time –out

This out of the box story begs to differ from the normal social norms of the society. It depicts the story of two brothers and how they deal with life and love relationships and their own not so liberal Indian parents. The elder
of the two reveals about his gender issues. Time out is a hard slap on the face of the so called liberals who’ve managed to kick out superstitions but not gender


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