Best Vodka Brands in India


Vodka, a typically European drink, is usually made from potatoes or grains. The tang that it has, is attributed to the fermentation procedure. Vodka approximately consists of 35-50% of alcohol and is often consumed clear, or by itself. For any party goer, a Vodka cocktail would be an essential ingredient to the party. For others, who like to drink by the beach, would also definitely indulge in bouts of this drink. Few companies in India produce vodka on a large scale, hence below listed are the best available brands in India.

Magic moment Vodka alcohol:

A part of the second largest distillery, the Magic moment has its own story to tell. An absolutely vintage company established in the 1940s, this company produces triple distilled gluten-free vodka from grains, and it is indeed a smooth mix and a favourite of most mixologists. A 750 ml bottle gives one a pocket pinch of 586 rupees. This comes in a standard flavour, with 6 variants of the same too, and is popular because of 36 international awards.



With its name derived from the Russian dynasty, this alcohol is produced by United Spirits. Approximately an alcohol content of 42%, this comes in four variants, premium, orange, apple and lime. One of the cheapest, this is always in popular demand of the college students. Being distilled multiple times makes it spicy that increases the willingness to drink more. An absolute favourite in the Indian market, a 750 ml bottle costs 310.

Seagram’s fuel:


One of the classiest Vodka brands of the country, this brand stands for youthfulness and is a deluxe vodka. An absolute class apart, this comes in 3 standard flavours of apple, orange and premium. The vodka is filtered through a film of activated charcoal, and that makes it the best vodka brand of India. The bitterness of the alcohol is removed, and it is quite smooth.

White mischief:

Triple distilled to flamboyance, this vodka forms the life of any party. A budget vodka with the right amount of alcohol, this vodka is the largest selling brand of India. A bottle of 750 ml costs 455.

Grey Goose:

The world’s best tasting vodka is extremely smooth and stylish. One of the best in its cult, Grey Goose is a product from the house of Bacardi. Absolutely rich and extravagant in taste, this is the alcohol that you would prefer if you belong to royalty. A whopping 1400 for a bottle of 750ml, this is worth the price.

Absolut Vodka:

Rare flavours and rich taste makes this brand exquisite. Flavours like pepper, peach, and Mandarin are available. This makes a great choice if the budget is high, and the desire to be intoxicated is more.

Jazz blue vodka:

A sweet variant, and grainy, this is one of the best choices if the consumer likes a distinct sweet and tangy taste.

Arctic Vodka:

The meticulous is one of the vodka brands which is smooth and is quadruple distilled. Truly royal, and exotic, this is definitely one of a kind.

OPM Vodka:

Silver filtered and sensual vodka, it stands as the best-purified vodka of India.

Smirnoff Vodka:


The green apple Smirnoff is a delicacy and is also easy on the pocket Vodka brands. Available in a plethora of various flavours, this one definitely charts the list for college goers.