Top 10 Best Whisky in India under 1000 in 2018


Alcohol consumption is injuries to health but who cares about especially drinking lovers. We have picked up here best whisky in India under 1000 INR. Whisky is the most ravishing drink available in this universe. This is the main reason why it carries such auspicious importance. We are glad to mention that India holds fourth place in the world when it comes about the rating of whisky. Despite the fact that it becomes hard sometimes to grab that precious bottle of whisky because of soaring prices, we are here to tell you about topmost affordable names of brands of whisky which suits your budget, so the top 10 are as follows

Top 10 Best Whisky in India under 1000 INR in 2018
1 Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

This whisky shows the real class of a gentleman. It is needless of telling that this is one of the most popular whisky which has ever made its mark in India. It costs around 310 INR for one bottle of Imperial Blue for 750 ml. Imperial Blue is one of the best whisky in India under 1000 INR.

2 Haywards


Basically, the speciality of this whisky is its unmatchable softness. It is a classic blend of high-quality alcohol. This whisky does the exact justification with your money. Its taste is worthy of giving a try at least once in the lifetime. It costs nearly 325 INR for the quantity of 1000 ml.

3 Royal Stag

Royal Stag

The third name in our list is Royal Stag. This is one of the oldest brands of whisky ever found in India. If you are looking for a whisky which costs under 1000 then this is a commendable option for you. Best whisky from the best whisky brand in India – Royal Stag 

4 Director’s Special

Director's Special

This whisky compiles the prosperous choice of Indian in very less amount. This is the reason why it has acquired the fourth place in our list of the Best whisky in India under 1000

5 Mc. Mcdowell’s No. 1

Mc. Mcdowell's No. 1

The next entry in our list is Mc. Mcdowell’s No. 1. It is one of the biggest selling brands of whisky in India. So it is obvious that it is worth mentioning in the specifications of the  the best whisky in India.

6 Bagpiper


Remember the refreshing tune of bagpiper’s commercial? Yes, this is the space from where bagpiper earned the hearty response of whisky lovers. Another charming factor of Bagpiper is that it suits the low budget demands

7 Old Tavern

 Old Tavern

Old tavern is the rich blend of selective of smooth ingredients. It is the whisky brand in some of the parts of our country as it is easy to grab at a nominal cost. This list is incomplete without mentioning the name of Old Traven.

8 Original Choice

Original Choice

As the name symbolises this whisky is the class apart combination of neutral alcohol and malt. If you are searching for a sophisticated blend of whisky at a low price then go for Original Choice.

9 Blender’s Pride

Blender’s Pride

Talking about best whisky in India under 1000 INR can’t be completed without Blenders Pride is the first choice of every Indian. This whisky costs around 284 INR for the quantity of 750 ml. The lip-smacking taste of Blenders Pride signifies the implausible heaven of whisky. There is no doubt that it is one of the Best whisky in India.

10 Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice

The last but not at all the least, Officer’s Pride is the tenth name in our list of the Best whisky in India in 1000. The flavour of this whisky is capable of holding your love forever.

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Here we conclude the best whisky in India under 1000 you can prefer any of these all are good brands, again as advise it’s not good for health and anyone at the age of adult can consume in limited quantities.