Big Boss 12 Challenger’s Families Make Everybody Emotional


Salman Khan respects the groups of Big Boss 12 hopeful on the show for Weekend Ka Vaar. Look at features from the show:

On Sunday’s scene of Weekend ka Vaar, challengers protect themselves from the allegations and charges put on them. In any case, this weekend ka war accounts a scene loaded up with adoration and warmth originating from relatives of different contenders.

Look at features from the show Big Boss 12:

Sreesanth asks Dipika some intense inquiries

Sreesanth asks Dipika for what valid reason she voted in favor of Jasleen for the torment seat and not Romil or Surbhi. She leaves on being stood up to her decision. The Big Boss 12 house seems to show new dimensions of people each day.

Sourabh gets wiped out from Big Boss 12

Salman Khan calls Sourabh as the killed contender this week. He says farewell to everybody. He also tells that Saba Khan and Jasleen Matharu are safe. Urvashi and Sourabh are as yet perilous.

Salman demonstrates a clasp of canine

Salman Khan demonstrates a clasp of his canine. His adoration for the contenders. Everybody got passionate on watching the pooch, who kicked the bucket three days ago. Romil comes out as the champ of Sultani Akhada. He leaves with a hamper. Sreesanth wins the first round of the verbal battle. Candidates cast a ballot in enormous numbers for Sreesanth and help him win.

Dipika is irritated at Romil

Dipika is irritated at Romil in light of the fact that he begins putting on something else wherever he needs to. She lets him know not to disrobe before her and he says he did it since he is apprehensive. Later Salman names Romil, Sreesanth for Sultani Akhada. He requests that challengers figure the two individuals who will battle it out in SultaniAkhada.

Salman crowns Bhuvaneshwari the victor

Salman compliments every one of the three relatives and their barriers. He finds Bhuvaneshwari inspiring. She seems to be very understanding and emotional and supports Sreesanth in rough patches of life.

Bhuvaneshwari safeguards Sreesanth

Bhuvaneshwari says Sreesanth has experienced a considerable measure of plight and is venting his disappointments in the Big Boss 12 house. As a result, this makes him an obvious objective for the competitors.

Manish protects Srishty

Salman compliments Manish for protecting Srishty flawlessly. He finally concurs Srishty is playing it bashful in the Big Boss 12 house. In the mean time, Salman feels Bhuvaneshwari is quite intelligent and supportive. However,he commends Bhuvaneshwari for her certain and savvy inquiries for Shoaib. “Both of you should come here consistently,” he advised her and Shoaib.

Shoaib safeguards his better half Dipika

Salman places Shoaib in a spot and requests him to safeguard his better half Dipika. For the most part he concurs that his better half is without a doubt playing the diversion cleverly.

Salman presents contestant’s families

Finally, Salman presents Sreesanth’s better half Bhuvaneshhwari. Altogether, She breaks into tears at his notice. Salman Khan commenced the show on an enthusiastic note. Karanvir Bohra demonstrates a clasp of his significant achievements in Big Boss 12 house.