Big Boss 12: Romil makes mean comment on jasleen’s face


Big Boss 12 is one of the most watched reality shows of India and has been breaking the TRPS of channels for 12 years and has been running successfully since then. Every year; millions of fans wait for the big boss to telecast and throughout the week sit tight to the television to watch the show every night.  For some reason, public loves watching the drama between strangers locked in one house and the current season has not failed to engage the viewers at all with its content.

Contestants in Big Boss 12 set new controversies

The contestant of this season came in as Jodis and has set the controversies on fire.  It can be seen that all the contestants are doing their best to be seen on the screen and grab the attention of viewers and win their hearts. From racial remarks to arguments, abuses, flattering compliments, rage, and more everything can be seen in the house; the big boss 12 house has got everything this year. Bigg Boss house has got it all for the viewers in yet another season.

Romil’s mean comment on Jasleen’s face

Speaking of remarks, do you know about Romil’s mean comment on Jasleen, her appearance to be precise? If you are a fan of Bigg Boss extra dose, then you must have seen it.

Jasleen has been in the headlines of the show ever since the alleged relation between her and the famous bhajan singer Anoop jalota came out on the television.

I am sure all the reactionary fans of Bigg Boss must be aware of the incident already. After all, nothing can go unobserved from the microscopic eye of Bigg Boss!

Jasleen threatens Romil

The extra dose of Bigg Boss which was uploaded on the channel Voot made it clear that Romil made a rude comment on Jasleen’s face and called her face chapta (flat). It appeared that he said it in a jocular joking manner. But that is something which one shouldn’t gag about, don’t you think? We can see that Jasleen took the remark quite seriously. She even said that she would send him inside the jail in the Bigg Boss house. Though she didn’t seem serious about it.

Such arguments keep taking place in the big boss mansion; sometimes it is an actual fight. Other times it is just another move to attract the extra footage. A way to keep the public entertained in order to avoid the eviction at the weekend ka war. The entire contestant appears to play their game and is working out for them to an extent. Moreover, either way, the viewers get their dose of entertainment every week in Big Boss 12.