Big Boss 12 Update : Big Fight for Captaincy in Jwalamukhi Task


Big Boss 12 is like the name suggests the 12th season of the reality show launched by colors. The show is launched on 16 September 2018 this year. The host for this show is Salman Khan this season. Similar to last season, Salman Khan will be hosting Weekend Ka Vaar episodes and would be eliminating the defaulters of the week. There are 18 entrants in this show including entrant Surbhi Rana who was an MTV Roadies (Season 15) contestant.

The celebrity contestants on the show Bigg boss this year are Neha Pendse, Dipika Kakar, Srishty Rode, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Anup Jalota, and Jasleen Matharu. The commoners who have entered the show in pairs include Sourabh Patel-Shivashish Mishra, Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Surbhi Rana-Romil Choudary, Deepak Thakur-Urvashi Vani.

Jwalamukhi task create a rife between the housemates

The housemates were shown to be woken up from the song Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai. It can be seen as a subtle hint as to what their task for the day would be like. On the same day, Bigg Boos has announced that the second luxury budget task for this season would a task titled Jwalamukhi.

As a part of the task, a volcano is there in the garden, and the contestants have to collect the colorful balls coming out of the volcano. The participants further have to take the collected balls to their assigned container and dump it in them. They should also safeguard their containers from their fellow participants.

The contestants of Big Boss 12 Dipika, Karanvir, Srishty, Neha, took part in this task where they challenged the participants Romil, Saba, Saurabh, Jasleen, Deepak.

A big fight for Bigg Boss Captaincy


The competition escalated when the contestants Neha and Saba broke into a fight. As everyone knows the luxury budget not only impacts the extra commodities that the contestants will receive to make their stay more comfortable for the upcoming weeks, it also inadvertently affects the right to captaincy.

As soon as the task is on the singles seem unhappy with the referee. The competitors are not very happy with the moderators. They feel that Bigg Boss foresight in choosing them is slightly unfair. As both the mitigators belong to the Jodi team, the singles might face partiality.

When the task starts in Big Boss 12, the contestants try to catch the balls and fill up their containers. We further see that the task is not as easy as it looks. Sreesanth and Romil Choudhary get into an argument over some issue. Romil Choudhary also asks Anup Jalota to forgive Jasleen Matharu.

Mind Game to test the ability of housemates

The Jwalamukhi task then stops in midway due to rain. Surbhi Rana further tries to play mind games by instigating contestants Deepak Thakur, Sourabh Patel, and Romil Choudhary against Sreesanth. The Khan sisters, Saba Khan, and Somi Khan are then furious at the jodis for not supporting them in the captaincy task. After being instigated by Surbhi Rana, contestant Deepak Thakur gets into a fight with competitor Sreesanth, and Karanvir Bhora. The fight is later joined by Romil Choudhary.

The next episode will decide the winner

The rain then subsides, and the task Jwalamukhi resumes. The contestants during the task  get physical with each other. The moderator Surbhi Rana tries to get them in order. Sreesanth later quits the task as he is not feeling well while Dipika Kakar makes an early exit. She has the minimum number of balls out of everyone. The Bigg Boss 12 contestants are at each other’s throats during the task. Jasleen Matharu lost and was consecutively out from the task. Neha abuses Saba Khan during the task.

Big Boss 12 is going through an exciting series of tasks. This will surely decide the fate of the contestants.