Big Boss Season 12 Day 45 Review


Bigg Boss Season 12 has entered Day 45, and things are getting heated up by the second. Shilpa observes that Romil’s attitude should be improved. Romil responds that he has always been like this, calm and collected even towards his enemies. He also tells her that Sreesanth, Dipika, and Karanvir has a huge fan following. Vikas then advises Karanvir to be more proactive and be more active in games. He compares her to Shilpa, who despite being a new entry is very strategic in playing the game.

Uravshi shows concern towards Somi

Day 45 Lights image
Day 45 High Lights
Urvashi and somi image
Urvashi and Somi discussion

Urvashi then confronts Somi about her relationship with Deepak in Bigg Boss Season 12 and asks her whether she is getting uncomfortable by his presence. If there is nothing between them, then it is more advisable to say so to the house rather than having them talk behind their backs. Later, Karanvir is seen to be dancing with Somi, visibly upsetting Deepak.

Gupta and Shinde team

Gupta and sinde team

The task then starts. In Bigg Boss Season 12 the house is divided into teams and is asked to create rangolis. Somi starts to make one, and the other team’s members are seen planning how to spoil it. Somi destroys Gupta parivaar’s rangoli while Vikas Parivar destroys Shilpa Parivar’s rangoli. Deepak compares Megha’s rangoli to a pimple and gets into a huge fight with her over this comment. Bigg Boss then announces that nobody has won this round since nobody has drawn the rangoli properly.

Heated up the argument between Sreesanth and Vikas

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Vikas and Sreesanth Argument

Then Sreesanth and Vikas get into a huge fight in Bigg Boss Season 12. Sreesanth is upset that Vikas is not sending him and is fumed to know that the reason behind this is that the latter wants his team to win. Sreesanth calls Vikas a loser, and he responds by calling the cricketer a ‘badtameez insaan’. Vikaas keeps passing derogatory comments at him, causing him to completely lose his cool. Romil warns Vikas not to do that, but he doesn’t listen. Later, Sreesanth calls Vikas fake and Romil as the real mastermind. He then instigates Vikas further after joining the Shinde family.

Sreesanth’s blurry attitude depicts again

Sreesanth atittude image
Sreesanth attitude

In the next rangoli task of Bigg Boss Season 12, Sree starts to sing a song mocking KV. The two of them gets into a very angry fight, causing Dipika to intervene between them. Sreesanth is injured and threatens action against Karanvir if the injuries persist. The Gupta parivaar is finally declared the winner.


Bigg Boss then announces that Shilpa and Vikas are out of the game. They pack their bags to leave. When Vikas approaches Dipika, she gets very emotional, and he asks Rohit to take good care of her. Later, the two of them are seen to be bonding quite well.


Sreesanth plans to file an FIR against Karanvir.