Bigg Boss 12 has reached its 54th day inside the big boss house. The contestants are woken up with the usual blaring morning alarm song. The song of choice today is ‘Do dhari talwar’ from the movie Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Most of the contestants do not feel like waking up straight away, and that is relatable of course. But some of them including Dipika Kakkar and Neha Pendse, decide to start in a merrier mood than others by dancing in the courtyard.

Budding friendship and insane rivalry

Sreesanth and Deepak speak to each other at a corner of the house. They seem to be in a good mood, have a bit of a laugh and discuss the situation after he became captain. The conversation ends on a good note. But this conversation has been noticed by another inmate Surbhi Rana, who does not like their closeness. Surbhi goes to Deepak and chides him for speaking to Sreesanth, as Sreesanth had earlier tried to nominate Deepak out of the house and Surbhi stood up to Sreesanth for doing so. Their conversation ends, not on a bad note but not necessarily a good one either.

Sreesanth is the center of attraction

The scene again shifts to Sreesanth. He is talking to Megha Dhade. By now, another housemate, Rohit Suchanti, joins them in their conversation. Sreesanth opens up more about how other housemates are jealous of him but are not aware of the struggles he had to overcome during his early days in the lead up to his career as a cricketer. They continue to talk for a while.

Evenings are usually when the real drama starts and Bigg boss 12 has not disappointed the audience in this regard. In the evening at around 4:15 pm, all the housemates gather in the living room. It was time for another round of tasks for the position of captaincy. This day officially marked the end of Sreesanth’s captaincy as well. As announced by Dipika, the contenders for the position are Romil Chaudhary, Karanvir Bohra, Somi Khan and Megha Dhade as they were the winners of the of the luxury budget task.

An interesting task for captaincy

The task at hand was for the contenders to walk inside certain levels of squares placed in the courtyard with bowls containing coloured water in their hands. Dipika announces that she is the one who will be the judge presiding over the task and this does not go down well with most of the contestants.

The new captaincy game for Bigg Boss 12 begins. As you can expect the contestants were initially confused. In the first round, Somi and Megha try to sabotage each other by pushing the bowls off each other’s hands. Somi’s bowl falls out of her hands and breaks which disqualifies her. This deems Megha as the victor but Somi gets angry and objects, as the game comes to a halt for a while and Dipika is unable to quell the situation. At this point, Bigg Boss (the voice) intervenes and helps Dipika with the decision stating that her decision is final.

Karanvir outsmarts Megha

The second round begins, and Karanvir outsmarts Megha which results in her disqualifications. Romil manages to knock the bowl out of Karanvir’s hands, but an argument ensues as Karanvir claims he reclaimed the bowl before all the water had been lost. Towards the end of the game, it turns out in Karanvir’s favour as he manages to knock Romi’s bowl out of his hands. He is finally declared as the winner by Dipika which makes him the new captain.

Like all other seasons, Bigg Boss 12 does not fail to disappoint. One would think the contest has ended and all is well that ends well. But after the contest, Dipika was accused of being partial to Karanvir by some of the other contestants. This makes Karanvir break down at that instant. He expressed that the deep bond among Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi made him envy them.

As the day closed, a fight ensued between Romil and Surbhi. A heated exchange occurs between them as Surbhi starts to insult Romil. The other Happy Club members did not like this and tried to intervene to calm them down. Somi tells Romil and Surbhi that the Wolf Club members are enjoying seeing them miserable and that they should sort out their differences. But even at the end Surbhi and Romil do not part on good terms.