The Desi Girl has been lately making the headlines. Earlier, she was in news for marrying the Hollywood Pop singer, Nick Jonas. Later, for her statement on adopting her husband’s surname and now for her rumored pregnancy.

The news which is going viral over the social media and media is the fact that the newly wedded couple, may be on the verge of delivering a baby. However, this news was declined by Priyanka Chopra as well as Nick Jonas. Although, there were many a times, that the duo was spotted stating, how much they are excited to sometime raise a child of their own. Parenting is definitely on one of their top cards.

The rumors have not yet been addressed by the stars. Although, through a closed resource it was found out that 2018 was the year of fancy wedding for Priyanka and now she will be looking forward to the journey of motherhood.

Her friend quoted;

“If she had a dream wedding in 2018, motherhood is what she is most excited about in 2019.”

It was during one of the public appearance of, Priyanka Chopra when she was promoting a film, was captured on the camera where she looked pregnant.

To this her mother Madhu commented;

“Blame it on camera angle.”

The couple is leaving no stone turn to give the industry and their fans couple goals. While on one hand both the stars are busy posting cute and romantic pictures online. At the same time, the actress is also busy promoting her upcoming flick.