Top Bollywood stars who have undergone plastic surgeries | Bollywood heroine |


We often mesmerized the beauty and lifestyle of Bollywood stars. But we often overlook the reality behind their perfect faces. Many of these Bollywood hot actresses undergo knife to enhance their features and beauty. Nose Job, Lip Job, fillers, and botox have become few of the most common cosmetic surgeries amongst these Bollywood stars. It has become the custom for the Bollywood heroine, and there is hardly any Bollywood actress without plastic surgery in the industry.

Here is the list of few prominent Bollywood heroines who has followed the tradition of undergoing these surgeries:

  • Priyanka Chopra: Former Miss World and one of the international diva Priyanka Chopra has undergone a lot many surgeries. She always wanted to transform her girl next door image to Bollywood hot diva. It turned out to be in her favour and it gave a boost to her career. Though she has never accepted the fact of undergoing surgery neither has she denied the fact.

  • Vaani Kapoor: Vaani Kapoor’s transformation in Befikre was pretty evident. This pretty Bollywood heroine joined the Bandwagon after her first release. She has undergone many changes that have transformed her face structure. The fans are not elated by this change in Vani Kapoor’s personality as there was something unique about her look.


  • Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood heroine who is not only ruling Bollywood but has also become the first lady of Indian cricket team. After her lip job went horribly wrong, people started criticizing her. But instead of getting upset she came up front and accepted that she has undergone lip fuller technique. Surgery or not charm of Anushka never fails to amaze her fans.


  • Shruti Hassan: She is one of those Bollywood stars who has always been open about her nose job. However, in one of her interviews, she stated that it was for medical reason and not for beauty enhancement. It seems that she has undergone a lip job also but unlike nose job she has rubbished all such rumours.
  • Sridevi: Late yesteryear actress Sridevi was a true diva. She always looked younger than her actual age, it is all because of a number of cosmetic surgeries she opted. From face lifting to nose job to botox she had done it all. However, she has never accepted the fact and has always slammed people putting such allegations.

Following the custom and tradition, almost all Bollywood stars are opting for such surgeries. Eventually, it will become hard to find any Bollywood actress without plastic surgery in this glamour world.