Why Bollywood Actresses Accuse Co-Stars of Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment seems to be the dark secret of Bollywood. There are hundreds of people who wish to bag a role in the entertainment industry. Whether the role is prominent or a side character, there is a lot of competition. The struggle to get a role is not something only Bollywood faces. Most of the job opportunities are having loads of trials regarding this.

We can’t say that the actresses are accusing their co-stars because they want publicity. No one would do it without facing the provocation sexually. Sexual harassment allegations on various directors, producers, and various people. I don’t feel that fire comes without anyone lighting a matchstick. Here are few of the prominent names which come up when we think about sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment cases rip off Bollywood

Casting couch is not limiting only to Bollywood. It is, in fact, a word which most of the newcomers in the industry face not limiting just to Indian cinema. Sexual harassment allegations against someone in Bollywood spills up time and again. But, there is not much action taken against the said fact. This can be because most of the senior actors refuse to speak about it and the questions are left unanswered as to if the allegation was true or not.

Even today’s well-known actors have confessed having faced sexual harassment or escaping and casting couch in their journey to stardom. Another fact is that not many people are brave enough to speak about it and end up dealing these horrific encounters while succumbing to them.

Some celebs shared their #MeToo stories, sending shock waves through the industry by exposing the faces who have allegedly sexually abused them.#MeToo

#MeToo Movement

This movement has been trending for quite some time. Few of the actresses have come up stating that they too have been sexually harassed. Whether it be in their reel life or real life the catastrophic situations still prevail. Bollywood is an industry where there is new talent every other day. So it is hard to keep track if anyone says that they are facing sexual harassment.

When the #MeToo moment has started, no one took it seriously as they thought that it is for publicity. But no one would look at them and think that they are facing sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can not only be raping or subtle touches, being in their personal space without their consent.

Have a moment to think about the victim

But, if we still have a moment to think about it, we can look at the dark side. Why would anyone want to be in anyone’s personal space? Unless they are telling a secret, and with the media playing a major role in mass communication, I don’t think there would be a reason for anyone to be in a female’s or anyone’s personal space.

I feel that all the veterans in the industry should come forward and take a step. If they verify the statement, and try to provide justice, there would be not many cases regarding sexual harassment.