Bridal in Interview Queue


Bridal in Interview Queue

We often talk about the change in modern lifestyle where so many things taking shape in a different manner. Some are very good to talk about but some are really strange.
We all knew the importance of work and we all knew the importance of our responsibility. This is the thing which nobody should take casually.

Even then so many things which beyond the rule regulation of world. I always share with my reader’s subjects which are affecting or taking place In our modern life or lifestyle or something very good or anything weird in our modern lifestyle.

During my job period, I have seen so many girls in interview queue and my mind deliberately took me in the cyclone of thoughts. Newlywed girl in interview queue why what is so important for her rather than a precious moment of marriage which might she has been thought about during all the teenage. I think there so many things which responsible for such situation.

Very first thing that time was gone when men love the girl or giving respect to the women who is taking care of their parents or doing household work or taking care of children. No doubt that work is demand for complete hard work even then social change demand girls for financial earning as well
Not only husband, family in-laws create e unnecessary pressure to married women that she should work and she should earn for the family and after that, they don’t want to compromise with household responsibility means girl should manage home with work as well. In fact, women who spent ten years or fifteen years without working and spent all her time with family and household and she converted herself into made suddenly in-laws asking them to work outside and earn for the family.

Bridal in Interview Que

Well work is important and I am not the against the generation who is working or earning for the family but for the sake of demand, I don’t think this important to throw women in a difficult situation to fulfill the demands because demand and desire never ever get satisfied if fulfill one another will born automatically.

Second thing there is one another problem is their men don’t want to take the responsibility of women I don’t what kind of social structure we have started and women is also don’t want to take favour of their husband or anyone else in that situation we both build kind of ego war which doesn’t allow anyone to give up this is also pushing women to stand in interview queue because nobody wants to be dependent.

No one wants to raise hands for asking favour because it seems like begging which is not acceptable for modern women and men are also not worried about such thing this good for them if women working for their own goods why she doing this am I not able to fulfil her survival men don’t want to bother with these question, in fact, they ask favour to women whenever they needed no ego come in front of them that time like ancient time was men feel ashamed whenever he is taking favour of women……….

Bridal in Interview Que

Third thing is that depreciation of respect of housewives in society force to girl into thinking that they won’t gain respect in society if they are not working now the image of housewives is like made and no girl want herself to convert herself into that this also reason which standing newlywed in job queue and passion of independent also affecting thought and mentality to do so .So the women don’t want to stop for a month even after marriage might be financial freedom is more important than those pretty and precious moments or might be the lifestyle of modern age and demands of modern situation don’t want to give the couple moment of joy ….

Might be we have given much more place for our needs than anything else…..