Bushra or Reham whom will Imran choose

Bushra or Rehman whom will Imran choose

Days before the Tehreek-e-insaf makes a lasting crave in the history of Pakistan, the wife of the would-be president interrupts the situation stating boldly all the personal affairs of her husband.Bushra or Rehman whom will Imran choose

Who is Reham khan?

The sixty-five year old ace cricketer and politician have had a very rough personal life. He had three marriages so far and still with serevral other women . In 1995 he had his first marriage with the then politician now writer J.Goldsmith. The marriage had lasted a fairly long period of time of nine and a half years and had ended amicably in 2004. He has two sons with her. His second marriage took place earlier last year with Rahem. But his tryst for love never ended there as claimed by his ex-wife Reham Khan as of now.Rehman Khan

What did Reham say?

Days before the date of the major election event, his second wife stormed the social media. She stating that he had illegal  relations with another woman named Bushra Maneka two years into marriage with her. She mentioned that she had overlooked the fact and had merely considered it as an act of friendship. Reham khan claimed allegedly that her ex-husband is not a man of very clean character, and that she had known of this relationship of his with her for more than three years now. She said that her husband used to go to visit her even during their short-lived marriage of merely ten months.

Elections very soon!

With the upcoming head of the country election poles, this controversy has wrecked havoc in the personal as well as the professional life of the sixty-five year old cricketer. He is afraid of not receiving as much votes as he had thought of achieving. Due to the betrayal offered by the ace politician, the mass of the country will lose faith in their leader. That is what has been haunting him for moments to come.Bushra or Rehman whom will Imran choose

Who is Bushra Manika?

Bushra Manika the recent social media buzz is the third wife of the PTI chairman, Mr. Imran Khan, she recently got married to him. Some sources claim that the original wedding of the person had taken place sometime in January earlier this year. His second wife had claimed that he had married Bushra way back into the last three years, and this warm small get together was a mere welcome into the social family he was going to be a part of.Bushra Manika

Imran Khan’s verdict.

Imran Khan the would-be Pakistan premier answered briefly and distastefully to the question saying that media should keep grime away from national matters. He has dismissed all claims of his corrupt character. He has told his embassy that he will now only focused on the election campaign. Another matter concerning him keeping his pets at home that’ve been shifted in presence of his second wife, now, have found their way back into the place as pointed out by his second wife Rahem Khan.