How me too campaign is helping in revealing dirty secrets of the high society


With the sexual predators on the rise, and with the number of rape cases shooting to the limits of the sky, the MeToo campaign had originally come up with in 2017, when hashtag #metoo was promoted by the Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano as she was seeking to give a voice to the victims of sexual abuse, after producer Harvey Weinstein was accused  of sexual harassment and assault by over 70 women. The MeToo campaign found support in the Hollywood, and the movement was covered by the Times Magazine as the Silence breakers. The campaign gained vigor, so much that millions of stories of sexual harassment came upfront and shocked the world.

The origin of the movement:

This movement gained popularity in India when Tanushree Datta took to Indian media and claimed that Nana Patekar had assaulted and harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Please while performing a dance number. Nana Patekar responded with a court order against her, but the MeToo Hashtag couldn’t limit itself. Thousands of stories started pouring out in India too, all over again, with a few shocking revelations from Bollywood and the upper classes of India.

Tanushree in her interviews has repeatedly accused the crew of not helping her out when Nana was misbehaving with her. She mentions a few names who were on the set, yet did nothing to help. Vinta Nanda has come out with an episode of Alok Nath repeatedly harassing her. Alok Nath, of course, had the nerve to neither accept or deny whatever had happened. Other allegations have come against popular directors namely Sajid Khan, journalists like Vinod Dua, and the list continues. Earlier, MJ Akbar of the political consortia has resigned on the basis of the MeToo campaign.

Other allegations:

Pooja Mishra has lashed out on the Khan brother, Salman, Sohail, Arabs, saying that they have repeatedly attacked her modesty while she was unconscious. She has also reported that Shatrughan Sinha and his family have been harassing her. Earlier this year, Kangana Ranaut slammed Aditya Pancholi for stalking and violating her. What’s more shocking is that renowned writers and columnists have been accused too – Suhel Seth and Chetan Bhagat have been called out as well. As the days roll by, the accused propagate in number, and India stands shocked by the atrocities committed against its women.

The campaign has brought to light the values and the principles of the elite class. More the number of MeToo Hashtags are popping up on social media, more are we threatened with the precarious state of the nation. This isn’t a condition that is limited to a particular class, the entire society has been ridden with this epidemic of molestation.

In response to Tanushree Datta’s allegations, Rakhee Sawant has been hilariously protecting the accused. She has gone overboard and has destroyed the motive of the MeToo campaign. Of course, to each his own, but Tanushree’s come back has definitely opened up a secret pile of dirty files.