Can Ramkumar Ramanathan create history?


Ramkumar Ramanathan proudly takes the credit to become the first person in the long time span of 7 years to make up to the finals of ATP World Tour Event. All the things does not always end as we think it will. He lost the final to Steve Johnson 5-7, 6-4, 2-6.

He wasn’t too discouraged over chance to create the history of table tennis world , though it meant a lot if he would have succeeded .He is very happy and proud that he made up to the finals. It was not at all easy, it was challenging.

Ramanathan says he was disappointed for not winning the finals, but it was tough. He further says that he’ll watch the recorded match again just to see where he wasn’t able to give his best, after all, we all learn from our past and try to flourish that part.

He lost 4 matches before the final in a row. Three were in challenger tournaments and one in Wimbledon qualifiers, he wasn’t in a good form for this tournament. After all of these, he still was able to make these days, best days of his career and life .He literally enjoyed the week.

Ramkumar Ramanathan, is a professional tennis player. Ramanathan, at the age of 23 made to final after Somdev Devvarman in 2011. He more surprisingly, Ramkumar jumped 46 places. Now he is on 115 position, that is his career’s best place, and he earned it and deserve it. He literally climbed 46 places to be on 115 position.

Ramanathan suggest yoga as the best way. For sharing his experience he says that he used to do yoga when he was new to this field but then he discontinued it in between. When after realization, he started it again. He felt a great change in his mental health and he find himself strong and calm.

Deep down

In 2014 Ramanathan qualified for Chennai open main draw, but lost in second round.

In 2015 Ramanathan entered Chennai open, where he lost in first round.

In the same year he reached his first double with Riccardo but lost final.

He entered his ATP World Tour event where he lost in first round.

In 2016 Ramanathan entered Chennai open and reached the quarter finals but lost in quarterfinals.

In October he participated as doubles in Vietnam open challenger and lost.

In 2017 Ramanathan reached his first singles challenger where he lost in final.

He entered in 2017 Antalya open. He played very well and was able to defeat top players.

In 2018 he entered Maharashtra open as a wild card and he lost in round 2.

He entered taipel challenger but lost in the final.

Few days before, in July went to ATP World Tour at Newport and was able to makeup to the finals but lost in the final.

He became the first person after Somdev to reach the finals.

He had a struggling journey, it wasn’t much appreciating but his hard work lead him to his appreciable place. His constant efforts and determination lead him to a long way.