5 Celebrity Kids Whom You Won’t be Able to Recognize Earlier


Transformations are sometimes so unrealistic and unexpected. Sometime’s transformation with age can’t be recognized.  The same case goes with the people in the limelight out there. Many new faces are coming into the Bollywood industry and their debut goes great. There are some celebs whom you would rarely recognize if you went into them suddenly in the past.  Their transformation is some kind of magical.

Celebrity kids whom you would think about again: you surely won’t believe.

Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt, adorable daughter of Mahesh Bhatt was one of celeb kid who is no more the same. Before joining the limelight she was a kind of healthy. She wasn’t even close to how she is now. Earlier she was accessorized by more weight, chubby cheeks. She now flaunts her slim body, curves, and changes. Her looks are totally different and adorable now. She even did a great debut into the Bollywood industry. She is beautiful as well as very much talented.  Nearly all the movies in which she worked got a very good response.

Khushi Kapoor


Looking at this photo in a first glance won’t even make us realize that this is the pic of the same person.  This is said a real transformation.  Khushi Kapoor, daughter of Sridevi transformed her looks too well, she looks gorgeous now.  Her old looks were seemed natural and blunt. She worked very hard to get into the body shape in which she is now. Her efforts are worth praising.

Sara Ali Khan


Sara Ali Khan has undergone the transformation that is very appreciable. She is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan had weight gain, but seeing her now looks like she never weighted so.  Her looks are gorgeous and beautiful now. She is also working on a plan to debut in the Bollywood industry. She worked very hard to get back in shape and carve herself and is also advised by her father to first complete her studies and then can pursue anything that she aspires for.

Jhanvi Kapoor


Daughter of Sridevi had been a long way to get to this transformation.  This looked totally different before.  These photos show her not even being her. She doesn’t look a bit that she was earlier. She looks Beautiful and had a given herself a very good start onto the Bollywood industry. A thought of getting into the limelight made her transform herself. She is praised for her great weight loss and her physique now. Jhanvi Kapoor has totally changed herself she took care of her body, face and nearly everything that matters.

Suhana Khan


This beautiful diva is none other than the daughter of the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. She generally lacks the charming and attractive features of her father, she transformed herself a lot.  Pictures clearly show her before and now. By getting older in age changed her a lot.  She doesn’t look the same anymore. We surely are looking up for her to join the Bollywood industry and spread her charisma.


These are some of the celebs kids that totally have changed with time.