Chinese Woman Speaking shockingly Impeccable Tamil!


A video clip is gone viral this week on the internet and is doing rounds all across among the netizens. A video clip was shared by the Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra which shows a Chinese woman speaking impeccable Tamil language!

The video is much fun to watch and also quite surprising and is receiving immense love from most of the internet users.

The woman is seen wearing an off white salwar kameez dress with the picturesque views of The Great Wall of China in the background. The video is quite refreshing to watch and has been viewed by thousands of viewers. Highly impressed by the sills of the woman, the MD of the Mahindra group applauded the woman and also went on to say that she had conquered “The Great Wall of Tamil”.

Learning a foreign language is no small feat and mastering the accent is another challenge altogether for anyone belonging to a different country altogether. One might have noticed the difficulties faced by Indians in communication when traveling to non-English speaking nations like China, Japan, and European countries.

But this girl certainly with much talent has learned the foreign language in its best form and has mastered the perfect skills which seem surprisingly refreshing to watch.
The girl is winning hearts in the world of internet and has managed to garner much attention with not only her language and skills but also her attire which is a traditional Indian salwar kameez commonly worn by Indian women. From the video, it seems like the girl has some special connection with India and is greatly influenced by the culture.

It is heartening to watch Indian influence in diverse places around the world. Indian culture is highly looked upon by many individuals from the western world. Many people come to India to learn more about the diverse languages, cultures, and religion across the country.
This video of the Chinese girl has gathered many fans with her language skills and accent. It also has a breath of fresh air and is thoroughly being enjoyed by internet users all over.